Playing GTA V is great fun. And searching for the best car in GTA 5 is also very enjoyable. Upgrading yourself in the game is fun at another level. For upgrading yourself to business class you need the most expensive and perfect car for you as well. Here is the list of the 5 most expensive cars in GTA 5. These cars are some of the awesome and perfect cars in GTA V.

Most Expensive Cars In GTA 5 Game

1) Imponte Deluxe

Imponte Deluxo is the most expensive car of GTA V. It costs you around $4,721,500. The car is not very good-looking but it offers you unlimited enjoyment and pleasure. The car comes with a lot of outstanding features. The car can hover and take flight as well. These two features make the car the most expensive and outstanding of other cars. The car is classic-looking and best for classic car lovers. Visit for more.

2) Declasse Scramjet

This is the 2nd most expensive car in GTA V worth buying. Declasse Scramjet costs you about $4,628,400. The car is very beautiful and amazing looking. The shape of the car looks like a rocket and it is one of the most loved cars in the GTA 5 community. You can add weapons in the car as well for your safety. This is the reason why it costs around $4.6M. If you are a car lover full of weapons then you should buy it.

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3) Coil Rocket Voltic

Coil Rocket Voltic is the 3rd most expensive car in the game. The car costs you about $3,830,400 and it worth it. This is an electric rocket-shaped car. The car is inspired by the Tesla roadster. In GTA V, it is one the fastest cars and you can enjoy the full speed of this car on the highway as well. The bad thing about this car is it takes a lot of time to be charged fully. If you are a racing car lover then you should go with the Coil Rocket Voltic. The car is a gift for the racers and has a very fast speed.

4) Grotti Vigilante

Next car is Grotti Vigilante. It is the 4th most expensive car of GTA 5 with amazing shape and features and costs around $3,750,000. This is one of the awesome-looking cars of the game. Grotti Vigilante is inspired by Batman’s car. And this could be your favorite childhood car. The speed, style, and boost of this car are awesome. The bad point of this car is that you cannot park it in your garage due to its shape. You need a MOC to park the car.

5) Progen PR4

This is the 5th most expensive and fastest car of GTA 5. Progen PR4 costs you around $3,515,000. The design of the car is based on an F1 car. Progen PR4 is an open-wheel very fast and the most expensive car in the game. This car is the best and perfect choice for racers. If you want perfect handling at the highest speed then you should go with Progen PR4.

This was our list of the top 5 most expensive cars in GTA 5. I hope you will love these cars. Please let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite?

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