AeroWhatsApp APK 2022- Download For Android/IOS [Latest Version]

AeroWhatsapp is a modified version of the original application. The main distinction between it and the global version is that it contains certain features that aren’t available in regular WhatsApp. Furthermore, several customers use it because the features it incorporates have been highly sought after by the users, so they are at an extra advantage.

WhatsApp is one of the most used and downloaded applications on both Android and Ios. It’s a free instant messaging application that is used by millions of people worldwide. It provides the users with an easy communication mode that only requires a stable internet connection to operate.

WhatsApp is widespread, and its fame lies in its features that provide the users with the benefit of voice and video calling. Furthermore, you can also share images, videos, documents, and multimedia texts through the app. Although one might think that they are more than enough for standard usage, it’s not the case.

AeroWhatsapp APK 2022

The users highly demand certain features, but they have often been overlooked. It’s where the modded versions of the application prove to be a lot more beneficial. AeroWhatsapp is a WhatsApp mod which means that it is developed using the same source code, but some alterations have been made to it for added features.  However, although the app proves to be quite useful for personal and commercial purposes, it’s still not official, so the developers don’t hold the licenses to launch it across the play store and App store officially.

AeroWhatsapp is heavier in size, and the regular WhatsApp takes up a lot less memory than AeroWhatsapp, which can take up to 60MB. Still, you don’t have to worry about your mobile performance because it won’t interfere with it. Additionally, you can download AeroWhatsapp for both Ios and Android easily.

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AeroWhatsapp features

The following are some of the features offered by AeroWhatsapp. Many users opt for using the version, with the features being a reference point.

Privacy and security

AeroWhatsapp offers a lot more features for privacy compared to the regular application. The main advantage is that you can keep your private conversations locked even when someone else has access to your phone.

Particular privacy features that the modded version of the application offers include:-

  • It allows you to hide or show the status to a particular contact which is great because it allows you to maintain secrecy from people who aren’t close to you.
  • You can also hide the “last seen status” from specific contacts using the application
  • AeroWhatsapp also offers an anti-deletion feature which means that the received or sent messages can’t be deleted from the recipient.
  • The modded version also prevents the user from forwarding any message. So when you send a message to someone, the receiver wouldn’t be able to forward it to anyone.
  • In terms of security features, AeroWhatsapp provides its users the benefit of locking their application through a PIN Code, password, or pattern. Furthermore, you can also lock particular chats in the application if you don’t want a PIN on everything.

The privacy features are one of the most desired by the users. Since WhatsApp is a sign of confidentiality and there are several private conversations with friends, family, and loved ones, so it’s only fair that an app offers such features related to privacy.

More customizations 

AeroWhatsapp provides users with added theme customization options. It automatically shows a preview when the display color is changed, which is a feature offered by the app. So you can change the icon color and get a preview before finalizing it.

The app also offers a lot more emojis that can be used when chatting with your friends. The floating chat button can also be adjusted through the application. The chat button is usually located at the bottom right-hand side of the display screen with a green plus sign. AeroWhatsapp allows it to be placed anywhere across the screen.

Bigger photos and Video sharing size

One problem with regular WhatsApp is that it only allows you to share a limited number of images and videos with a specific sending limit. AeroWhatsapp allows you to send images of up to 18MB, and you can also send ten images at once.

The previous 15 MB limit has been doubled in terms of video sharing. So, you don’t have to change the video size before sending it through the platform as it has been increased.

Additional Features

There are various other features offered by AeroWhatsapp, which include:-

  • It has proximity sensors
  • You can create a more extended status with more characters
  • Cleaning WhatsApp logs is no longer a complicated task as it provides a feature to do it easily
  • The DND feature makes your app looks a lot more attractive

These are some of the features that you might not find in the regular version of the application.

Download AeroWhatsapp?

Downloading AeroWhatsapp would require the user to access an external website. Since it isn’t available on any platform, you can get it from our website, which offers APK versions.

Ios users can download AeroWhatsapp through the following button as well.


What is AeroWhatsapp?

AeroWhatsapp is a modified version of the global version. It’s different from the other app because it provides certain features that you can’t avail of in the official WhatsApp application.

Can I customize the background in AeroWhatsapp?

The mod app offers a lot more customization options than the regular version. So you can easily choose from a wide selection of templates. If required, you can also download them and apply them

Is AeroWhatsapp safe?

It is difficult to say as many people claim it is, but since it is not an official application then there might be concerns regarding the privacy of the users

Can I download AeroWhatsapp on my iPhone?

Although you won’t find it on the official Play and App stores, it can still be downloaded through external websites easily


If you are tired of using the regular global version of the application, AeroWhatsapp is a great option, especially when considering that it’s a modded version with additional features. However, the user needs to evaluate whether putting their privacy on the line for some features is worth it since AeroWhatsapp does not hold the official publishing license.

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