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Since the immense development in the technology sector has provided every user with a smartphone, WhatsApp is a popular name globally. The messaging application has provided its users with a convenient means of communication that allows people to contact their contacts anywhere around the world.

The application provides its users with numerous features like messaging, voice and video calling, sending voice notes, sharing documents, images, and videos, to name a few. However, the app lets its users enjoy countless features, and it still lacks a few that are demanded and would provide the users with much-needed relief in terms of privacy and functionality.

FM Whatsapp

Thus, several local developers have created modded versions of the application like FM WhatsApp. The benefit of using the mod version is that it provides additional features, high in demand. Furthermore, the developers are also constantly aware of what the users want and incorporate new features in every update.

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FM WhatsApp

FMWhatsApp is the mod version of the global WhatsApp application. It is a popular choice for uses that seek extra features which also want a similar interface. It has up to a million users who enjoy its features and the fact that the developers regularly update it.

The modded versions are usually apps with a similar source code as the original one, but they contain certain additional features that aren’t provided otherwise. So WhatsApp, despite being one of the most popular and daily used applications globally, has certain limitations. Several users have demanded features to deal with specific issues, including spam calls, spam messages, privacy, etc., which the official developers haven’t integrated.

Features Of FM WhatsApp APK

The following are some features of FM App APK. Although, there are certain that you can find in the global versions while others are exclusively designed for the modded version.

Call blocker and filter

One of the biggest concerns with WhatsApp is Spam calls from unwanted and unknown numbers. The global version offers no solution as there is no option to block calls. While using WhatsApp or in the middle of a meeting, unnecessary spam calls are annoying.

In FM, it’s not a problem as the user can block or restrict people who call you on the application. Furthermore, the Call filter option allows users to choose specific contacts that can still contact you despite blocking calls. It is one of the best features offered by the app, and it does provide the users with a lot of conveniences.

Higher media sharing limit

Although WhatsApp is packed with features, certain limitations can seem pointless. One such instance is the 16MB media sharing limit which is unnecessary considering that WhatsApp is often used for sharing files and documents along with multimedia messages like photos and videos.

FM APK provides the users with a solution since they can share media with a size of up to 700MB. Furthermore, you can share files in various formats such as APK< DOC, RAR, etc., which isn’t allowed in the global version

Theme Store

For people who love customization, FM WhatsApp might be your favorite application. It has a YoThemes store which allows the users to select from thousands of themes. It changes the entire layout of the application, and you can even change the color of the icon. Furthermore, changing colors and other sections of the app makes it livelier.

It’s also possible to import external themes through XML Files. Thus, if you are a fan of customization, then you should try the app.

Anti-Deleting messages

Since WhatsApp has introduced the “delete for everyone” feature, it has had positive and negative outcomes. However, one thing that is certain about it is that you can’t change or modify it. FM WhatsApp provides anti-delete features in each chat. Once the user enables the option, the sender wouldn’t be able to delete their chat from your mobile.

Even if they do use the “delete for everyone” option, the deleted text would still be visible at the side. It is a feature that provides users a lot of security, particularly for personal purposes.

More Emoji’s

Everyone loves Emojis, but everybody doesn’t love every variant. For instance, if certain users love the Facebook emoji’s while others opt for the apple ones. FM WhatsApp allows the users to choose the variant that they like according to their choices.

It provides people with all the popular choices that you might seek while using WhatsApp. Now you no longer have to use the annoying WhatsApp default emojis since you have more choices.

Image sharing in full resolution

Although WhatsApp allows its users to share images, there is still a problem with it: the loss of quality when a picture is shared over the platform. It’s because WhatsApp compresses it to save data.

FM WhatsApp provides an option that allows “full resolution image” to be shared in MOD settings. The user can also set the % of the image quality it wants and send pictures accordingly.

FM Whatsapp 2021

Other features

If you are bored with the regular font, you can change it in FM WhatsApp. It provides numerous choices of eye-catching and stylish font designs which you can easily choose from.

FM WhatsApp also contains various other features: inbuilt lock, pin chats, hiding media from the gallery, along with numerous others, which make it an excellent modded application.

How to download FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp can be downloaded from various online websites.

For Android: – You can easily install the FM Whatsapp For Android by downloading the APK file from our website.


For Ios: – FM App also works on iPhone devices as well. Just download it from our website and install it.



1.Is FMWhats Harmful?

There is no proven answer for this; although the application is a modded version, there hasn’t been any malware news. There could be concerns about privacy since there are no official parties involved.

2.Is FM Whats an upgrade to regular WhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp is a modded app which means that it has the same source code. However, it has certain features that aren’t available in the global version. So, it could be thought of as a similar app with more features.

3.Can I download FM for Ios?

FM App is available for both Android and Ios. Although you won’t find it on the official App Store or Play store, you can still download it through external sites.

4.Is FMWhatsApp 2022 free?

Yes, there is a free version that can be downloaded from various websites online.


If you are bored with the global version of the application, then FM WhatsApp is an app that you should try. It contains thousands of customization options and various other features that make it enjoyable. However, you might have to reconsider your thoughts about privacy since the developers don’t hold official licensees.

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