Exploring the Most Hated & Worst GTA 5 Characters and the Allure of Vice City vs. Vice City Stories/Ranking the Controversy

GTA is one of the top-selling games on the internet. It takes place in top-ranking games because of its performance and millions of active users. As we know that everything has pros and cons so In GTA 5 there are some worst characters that make this game irritating. We have created a list of the most annoying characters in GTA 5, so we would suggest you read them to make your gaming experience better.

5 Most Annoying Characters in GTA 5

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Devin Weston

In our list, Devin Weston is at the top because he is damn smug. He will always give you a task or mission that gives him benefits. Additionally, he will never pay you even a single penny which he promised for. He will always create some problems while you are playing this game.

Johnny Klebitz

In the previous version of GTA Ashley & Johnny were friends and were dating in that version. Ashley was a drug addict who cheated on Johnny for the sake of drugs. So they also come back together in GTA 5 but here Johnny is drug-addicted.

He died at the end of the story when all the people blamed Ahsley for the cause of his boyfriend’s death. But in reality, Ashley was helping Johnny to leave his thieving addiction and live a simple life. So we can say that Johnny Kelbitz is the worst character in Grand Theft Auto part five.

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Rocco Pelosi

In our list, Rocco Pelosi takes the spot because of his irritating character. He plays the role of a thief and killer in this version of GTA. He worked for the Ancelotti family that is involved in crimes. This crime family uses Rocco as a killer and thief who perform crimes just for the sake of money. In the end, the family uses him for a diamond theft where they use Rocco as a scapegoat. Rocco tries to convince Luis to kill Tonny but Luis tries to kill Rocco. He attacks Rocco but with the help of Tonny, he saves his life. It can be considered that Rocco is just an irritating character in this amazing game.

Simeon Yetarian

Simone plays a little role in this game but it makes his character irritating. He works as a shady businessman and deals with cars. He convinces people to steal others’ cars and sell them at minimum prices. After getting cars he does not pay and informs the police about the thieves. And in the end, he was killed by someone who hates him very much. So therefore he becomes one of the hated characters in GTA.

Amanda De Santa

Amanda is a beautiful lady who married Michael De Santa and started a happy life. But because of some issues, she is addicted to drugs and other crimes. She started drinking all day and night and ruined her life. She gave birth to two beautiful kids but never performed her duties as a mother. Michael raised his children without her help. So she is just an irritating character which makes her annoying in GTA 5.


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