5 Hidden Locations In GTA 5 That You Haven’t Seen Before

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GTA 5 is an excellent open-world video game that includes a never-ending map. Even if you are an old player of GTA 5, but still we are quite confident that you aren’t aware of these hidden places that we are going to discuss today in this article. Almost every popular game has some sort of hidden secret that only a few players could explore, similarly; GTA 5 also includes many undiscovered places and locations that are yet to be explored by the vast majority of the players.

5 Hidden Locations in GTA 5

You will be shocked to know that GTA 5 is still being explored by the old players even after near about a decade. Don’t forget to visit these hidden locations next time when you play GTA 5 and have fun. Also, check out GTA 5 for iPhone and GTA 6 APK.

The Bachelor Mansion

The Bachelor Mansion is located in Vinewood Hills; it’s a very unique mansion that resembles the famous reality show The Bachelor. The interior of this mansion is worth watching due to the realistic decorations that are almost similar to the one in a reality show. Due to its geographic location on the map, it’s still not discovered by many GTA 5 fans.

The Golden Tree

The Golden Tree is a very mysterious tree that looks quite normal in the daytime but it starts to blink and shine during the night. However; the actual reason behind its shine at night is not found yet but still it’s a new thing that most GTA 5 Fans haven’t seen yet.

Water Dam

The Land Act Dam is a very popular GTA 5 attraction due to its realistic graphic, physics, and most importantly giant structure. However; there is also a hidden passage beneath the dam which is a worth-watching view, it could be one of the best secret locations to choose when it comes to any criminal activity in the game.

The Howitzer Motel Room

If you are a diehard fan of the Grand Theft Auto Series and have also played its previous versions. You must be aware of the famous actor known as Jack Howitzer. He appeared in several Grand Theft Auto Series and now he is included in GTA 5 as well.

You can visit him in Motor Motel in this room. Remember, it’s not an easy location to find as you have to go through several map glitches to reach his room, but it’s not impossible though. With little effort and patience, you can reach his room in no time.

Frozen Alien

The Frozen Alien is one of the scariest and most creepy locations in GTA 5. You can access this super-secret and scary location by driving straight through the railroad and then stopping exactly near the bridge. Now, don’t go straight, turn right and go exactly under the bridge where you will find a frozen and trapped alien below the hard water surface.

Wrap Up:

We hope you will have fun exploring these hidden locations in GTA 5. If you have also discovered any secret locations on the map, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments section below.

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