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If you want to play GTA 5 on android devices then I am here to tell you about the GTA 5 Visa 2 that how can you install this on your android devices and play it. Basically visa 2 is a mod and this mod will let you to play this game on your Android devices. This mod is the converted version of the GTA 5 PC, but this visa 2 is specially designed for the Android devices.

If you are an Android user then you can easily enjoy the this game on your Android devices. First I will tell you that this mod GTA 5 visa 2 is not officially available on the Google Play Store. So you have to download it from the other websites.

GTA 5 Visa 2

If we talk about the visa 2 then this game comes with the maps and missions. So you can totally enjoy all maps and missions on your Android devices. This mod also contains the all vehicles, guns, characters and missions of the GTA 5. But here the main point is that many people are confused and they think that GTA V is officially released for the Android devices. The answer is No, GTA 5 is not released for the Android devices. You can only download and install the GTA 5 visa 2 and enjoy the GTA 5 on your Android Devices.

GTA 5 visa 2

You can explore different cities and areas like GTA 5. Take part in the street skirmishes. In this GTA 5 Visa Android game, you can become the best car thief. Fight with the street gangs and after this face the police. Move from deck to deck and shoot accurately from a gun, machine gun, or another weapon. Sit behind the wheel of a fast sports car and abandon the chase, violating all the rules of the road. Operate the helicopter and other equipment.

Key Features

  • Big city
  • Wide range of weapons.
  • A variety of vehicles
  • Convenient operation

How To Install GTA V Visa 2 Mod

If you don’t know that how to install visa 2 then all the steps are given below, so follow all the steps and play GTA 5 on Android devices.

  1. First, you have to download the visa 2 file.
  2. After this install it in your Android devices.
  3. After this install the data of GTA 5 visa 2.
  4. Extract the data file with the help of any archiver.
  5. Move this extracted folder to the Android, OBB Folder.
  6. Now launch the visa 2 game.
  7. That’s it enjoy the game.



If you are a lover of GTA games and want to play on your Android devices then there is the only solution. You have to download visa 2 on your Android devices. You can get all the maps, missions, vehicles, characters, and guns of the GTA. You can easily enjoy this game on your Android devices with the help of visa 2.

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