Find and Rob ATM’s in GTA 5 Online

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How to find ATM locations in GTA 5 online and offline, as well as story modes
Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is not just about thrilling chases or high-octane heists, but also about immersing yourself into a virtual world where even normal activities hold some significance. Among such activities is the ability to use ATMs for various purposes. From withdrawing cash to depositing money earned from your exploits, ATMs play a crucial role in the game. In this post, we’ll delve into how to find ATM locations in both GTA 5 Online and Offline and also Story Modes, and why mastering this skill is necessary for an enriched gaming experience.

Best ATM Locations in GTA 5 Story Mode To Rob From

Below are the bank ATMs in GTA 5 online map

In Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) story mode, there are several ATM (Automated Teller Machine) locations scattered throughout the game world of Los Santos and Blaine County. These ATMs are primarily used for depositing and withdrawing in-game currency (GTA dollars), which are an integral part of the game’s economy. Here are some common ATM locations that players can visit during GTA V story mode.

ATM Points near Banks: Most often than not, you may come across an ATM next door to a bank within Los Santos city with Fleece Bank standing out as one of its most prominent banks where you will frequently find these machines.

Gas Stations: While playing the game you can visit many places with petrol stations that have got some automated teller machines where you can get quick cash if need be.

Grocery Shops Available: Convenience stores like Rob’s Liquor or 24/7 might possess such handy facilities inside their premises. They work round-the-clock which means they provide limitless opportunities of making instant financial transactions.

Large Malls Located Around: Big malls found in the city have such machines inside or outside. These places are very busy.

Business Districts: In the business districts of Los Santos, you’re likely to come across ATMs on street corners and near office buildings.

Beach Areas: Some beach areas and recreational zones have ATMs for tourists and residents.

Policemen Areas: Policemen areas may also be located close to ATMs.

Sandy Shores: In Sandy Shores, you can find an ATM around most businesses and residential parts of town.

Los Santos International Airport: Such automated teller machines are usually available at all airport terminals for the convenience of various travelers.

Blaine County Savings Bank Branches: Blaine County Savings Bank branches normally contain ATMs both inside and outside them as indicated by their namesake.

Top Mount Chiliad Peaks– More remote locations or remote hilly areas will sometimes have some cash points around them although not many in number like other places.

Fleeca Banks – Fleeca Bank is one of the banks that players rob often. They normally have these machines placed at both entrances and exits of bank branches found throughout Los Santos and Blaine County where they operate from.

Maze Banks – Online’s Maze Bank is another notable banking institution with these devices installed within its premises. Most times, players will find them where trade activities are concentrated within the city centre.

Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank – Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank is a well-known location for heists in GTA Online which has both internal and external ATMs within it. You can conduct operations here on the map look similar to those on Pacific Coast Highway

Bank Of Liberty Financial Institutions – City based bank branches may provide facilities of this nature.

Los Santos Bank: Like other commercial banks, ATMs may be inside or outside of the branches of Los Santos Bank. You can locate them in different places around the game world.

Fleeca ATMs: Fleeca ATMs are standalone Automated Teller Machines that may not be associated with bank branches. These ones can be seen on the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County mostly near convenience stores such as gas stations and other places where many people pass by.

Pacific Standard ATMs: Certain Pacific Standard’s ATM are separate from the bank and can be located throughout the city.

Maze Bank ATMs: Standalone Maze Bank ATMs can also be found at various points in the game just like Fleece ones do.

GTA Online might alter its mechanics over time including adding new ATM locations. Also keep in mind that while you can use these ATMs for various in-game activities, the money involved is in-game currency (GTA dollars) and is not linked to real-world financial transactions.

Please note that availability and locations of ATMs may differ in GTA 5, though not all of them are interactive. Some of these machines may only form part of environmental scenes in this video game whereas they cannot facilitate any transaction whatsoever. Furthermore, any money utilized during these operations is virtual currency used exclusively within a gaming framework but not real cash transacted online. Be careful when making transactions at or near an ATM since NPCs sometimes react to your actions in unpredictable ways.

Atms In Gta V Story Mode

In GTA V story mode, players can rob ATMs for in-game cash. Here’s how to do it:

Find an ATM:

Locate an ATM machine somewhere within the game world which could include areas such as banks, petrol stations, mini marts, and malls we previously discussed earlier

Approach The Atm:

Walk up to the ATM and hit the relevant interaction button/key like E, Square or X to initiate a transaction.

Select Amount:

You will be given a menu where you will select the withdrawal amount when you access the ATM. Use on-screen prompts to navigate through menus and select your desired cash amount.

Complete The Transaction:

After selecting the amount, confirm the transaction. The chosen in-game money will be supplied by that machine.

Robbing The Atm (Optional):

To get money from this ATM by forceful means you can do as follows;

As per your inventory, scroll down to pick any melee weapon or firearm that is equipped with bullets.

Go back to that same ATM location and then push interaction button/key again whereby he/she performs a robbery attempt.

Expect for a wanted level which might be activated due to such actions committed as stealing an ATM in accordance with in-game law enforcement process

Dead With Comparisons:

In addition, if there is actually a robbery at an automated teller machine as far as Grand Theft Auto 5 game is concerned, it would result in summoning police forces who usually have criminal tendencies. Consequently, it’s either you elude arrest or fight off numerous policemen trying to put you behind bars.

Use Stolen Cash:

The funds collected after robbing the cash dispenser can be spent on different aspects of gameplay like purchasing arms, cars, real estate properties among other things.

ATMs in Grand Theft Auto 5’s story mode are theft, and it should be noted that this activity is illegal hence you need to be aware of it. Once law enforcement has gotten hold of you, being chased by cops or even getting involved in a shooting may be encountered. Moreover, stealing money from ATMs could have negative implications for your character’s relationship with the police and lead to a higher wanted level later on.

In the game, always think about the risks and consequences before stealing from ATMs, as well as readying yourself to face off against the police while still ensuring your criminal escapades continue within Los Santos and Blaine County.

How to Rob Someone in GTA 5 Story Mode

In GTA 5, the story mode gives you the option to rob pedestrians and NPCs by threatening them and taking their money. It may not be the friendliest activity, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Here’s how to rob someone:

1. Approach a Pedestrian

You can walk up to any pedestrian on the street and begin your illicit activities. Pedestrians can be found everywhere in Los Santos or Blaine County.

2. Equip a Weapon

To intimidate someone enough for them to hand over their savings, equip a weapon from your inventory wheel. You can bring that up by pressing the “Tab” key on PC (or “LB” on Xbox / “L1” on PlayStation), then selecting a weapon category and specific item.

3. Aim at the Pedestrian

Point your firearm or melee tool at the pedestrian by holding down your aim key/button; the right mouse button on a PC, the LT on an Xbox, or the L2 on a PlayStation should suffice. As long as there’s a target within range and you’re facing them directly, your character should have no trouble keeping their sights locked.

4. Demand Money

While aiming at your victim, initiate a dialogue with them by pressing E (PC), B (Xbox), or Circle (PlayStation). Your character will demand money, as long as all requirements are met.

5. Collect Money

If they comply, they’ll eventually drop some cash on the ground for you to pick up later. Approach it carefully since it won’t last forever. When within range of an object like this one, press E (PC), B (Xbox), or Circle (PlayStation) once more to stuff it into your wallet.

6. Get Ready for Consequences

Robbing people is illegal in GTA 5’s world just as it is in real life; don’t expect law enforcement to turn a blind eye. If an officer catches you in the act, be ready for a lengthy chase or combat situation. Additionally, your character’s wanted level may increase, which is never a good thing.

7. Use Stolen Money

The money you steal from people can be put to good use throughout GTA 5’s story mode. There are plenty of things that can be purchased using both legitimate and ill-gotten cash—properties to businesses, vehicles to weapons — so keep your stolen bills somewhere safe until you find something worth buying.

Finding ATMs: A Convenient Skill

1. Money Management

Both online and offline modes of GTA 5 require optimal money management. Weapons, vehicle property—these things don’t come for free. To ensure you’re always ready for whatever comes your way, access funds quickly with ATMs located all over Los Santos and Blaine County.

2. Online Heists and Activities

GTA 5’s cooperative heists are worth every second of meticulous planning. Alongside these missions are numerous activities that’ll keep you hooked for hours on end. In both instances, finding an ATM nearby can save precious time when preparing for a mission or splitting up rewards post-mission success.

3. Property Investments

GTA 5 offers players a wide range of things to spend money on. From vehicles to businesses, you’ll need capital to make these investments. ATMs are a handy way of accessing your funds without having to return home every time you want to buy something, and most areas in the GTA have at least one or two dotted about the place.

There are a lot of ways to find an ATM in Grand Theft Auto 5.

The most fun way is just to explore the game world. It’s so vast and full of little details that you’re bound to miss if you’re driving around like a maniac on your way to the next mission. Take some time out from the main storyline and just walk or drive around town. You’ll see them near convenience stores, gas stations, and in busy areas where pedestrians are walking.

Another easy way to find ATMs is through the map on your phone. Both single-player mode and multiplayer (GTA Online) have interactive maps built into their phones, which can be accessed at any time. Opening up this map will show icons for all nearby ATMs.

Thirdly, pretty much every convenience store has an ATM attached to it or right outside it. So next time you stop for a snack refill on your journey across Los Santos, just take a second to look out front for an ATM as well.

These are three very simple tips that will save you a lot of headaches in the long run. Los Santos is filled with lots of different ways to make money and spend it, so I know you’ll find an ATM one way or another soon enough! But if you’re lost then glance at that in-game map – worst-case scenario, Google it!