Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features

UPDATED 12/3: It is expected that Windows 10 20H1 will release in the spring of 2020. And that all new features and changes will add to Microsoft’s new version to date.

Windows 10 2004 version, May 2020 update, is the ninth big refresh since Microsoft’s original release. And plans to release new features and improvements sometime in Spring 2020.

In addition, the codename’ 20H1′ is the first of two developments that will come in 2020. And while we are still one month from the final release. We now know of the changes to this operating system version due to the previews of the Windows Insider program.

The new features and enhancements planned for the 2004 version will consider in this guide. As they appear in each test preview.

What’s new with desktop experience on Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update)?

Lock Screen

Windows 10 version 2004 now supports security in your account with your PIN. While in safe mode as part of the Locking screen enhancements. In the past, even though PIN protection has been established, you have yet to use a password while in Safe mode.

Start Menu

Starting with a 20H1 update, you can notice a new “Type start to search” list. With quick access to search results, games, and papers when opening the Start menu. This should demonstrate that users can simply open searching. Without even having to open the search interface from the search bar.

Also, the title ‘ Start to search’ often switches to a title called’ Search for’ to allow users to choose a search form from the list.

Enhancements to the Windows ‘Search’ Feature

Spell-checker technology now intelligently recognizes and corrects minor typos in search queries, for instance, “PowerPoint” or “excel.”

In addition, when searching for settings that do not suit your question you will receive an update. That will also display similar results. For example. If you type “free” the best match will include the “Storage Sense Switch” label with the “Related: free up” label to help you understand the result.

Other Offers

Windows Search also offers new algorithms, beginning with this new version. That detects high disks use and activity, in order to minimize system use while indexing.

This means the indexer can stop or throttle when gaming, power saving, or low power mode is enabled to minimize performance problems. Also, when a device wakes up after being in low power mode or a login status. Or if the CPU usage is higher than 80% or disk usage exceeds 70%. The battery charge is less than 50% or the display state is switched off.

There are also some specific developers improvements that prevent some repositories. And project folders to be searched to improve the use of the disk.


You will also find a new option for fast calendar events without the need to open the Calendar app. When using the “Time & Date” flyout in the taskbar to display coming events, with this new version.

Virtual desktops

You can now click the screen header and choose the custom name for each virtual desktop. If you are running virtual desktops to break your various tasks.

Tablet mode

Windows 10 also develops a new tablet experience for convertible 2-In-1 tablets as part of the 2004 update.

The new interface enables tablet users to remain uninterrupted in their familiar desktop experience. And a number of further enhancements, such as greater spacing between the taskbar icon. The taskbar search box is split into an icon. File Explorer switches to a tactile design. Once you press text fields, hit keyboard auto invokes.

However, due to these updates, new changes are being made to the Settings tablet portion.


Windows 10 20h1 now comes with a new Cortana application that updates the Microsoft Store. And offers the ability to type or talk with the assistant via a new chat-based interface.

It supports the light and dark theme on Windows 10 and gives you a more intrusive. “Hey, Cortana” screen for questions that may stay in the flow while you are working. In addition, you upgraded the assistant with a new language. And voice models, improved performance significantly and you can drag and resize it like any other app.

As a result, Cortana’s references will no longer be available on the Settings app’s homepage.

Or the “Speech” settings sheet.

File Explorer

The File Explorer search box is now managed with Windows Search starting with Windows 10 version 2004. This also means that in File Explorer, as when searching from the taskbar. The searches box maximum interacts with OneDrive content online.

You can press the search box (or when using the CTRL+E shortcut to focus). And upgrade the search interface to the dark system mode by updating it with a list with your past. The device File Explorer is updated with a dropdown list.

Therefore, you won’t be able to see the choices of your Homegroup in the “Give Access to” submenu. When you right-click the folder from Windows 10 build 18956.

As for changes to the 2004 version of the File Explorers. You will now have the opportunity to “print” or “Set as Desktop Background”. As you can with other image file types by right-clicking on a. HEIC image file.

Task Manager

This update also contains an improved “Speed” tab of the Task Manager. Now showing the kind of drive (such as SSD), which can be used for multi-disk computers.

In the task manager, the “Performance” tab now supports the temperature monitoring of a specific graphics card.

Microsoft has modified the task manager tab “Final info” so now, after finishing the task and finishing process tree (rather than between), a Provision Feedback is displayed when you right-click a procedure.

Action Center and Notifications

The update also contains new notification configuration enhancements to Windows 10 May 2020. For example, toasts now include an inline option to disable or open notifications settings for the device.

A new direct link to manage notifications was added at the top of the action center. (Windows 10 moves the’ no alerts ‘ text to the center of the Action Center in order to accommodate this change.)

Windows Ink Workspace

The 20H1 update also reflects the new interface, which is significantly smaller, when you open the Windows Ink Workspace. And Windows 10 also converges whiteboarding experiences into a new direct connection to the app.

Furthermore, users with no first-party backup solution now see a friendly reminder. That they want to set up a Windows 10 backup option. (There is a choice in the notification if you would rather turn this off.)

What’s new with Settings experience on windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update)?

Including new features and updates, the Windows 10 20h1 release will also add enhancements to the Settings interface. Including a revamped header on your homepage which will show a message,’ Get More out of Windows,’ after a feature update, rather than displaying status and linked services.

This is the assistant to complete Windows 10 20h1 setup by clicking Let’s go.


Starting with the Windows 10 20h1 version, interface changes are made to make the experience a little more usable by App Volume and device preferences in the Settings app.

Notifications & actions

Windows 10 20h1 adds some new changes to the Notifications & Actions page. Including the option to mute any notifications. And to disable the setup page for post-upgrade under the section called “Notifications.” You can now filter the list of apps with which updates have sent most recently to quickly find the apps and change their settings.

Visual elements to help understand the effect of the settings can be found in the app’s notification settings


The storage page does not improve significantly. But now you find a new possibility to access the backup settings page under the “More Storage” section.


The Mouse page has been modified with the option of adjusting the pace of the curator without using the Control Panel in this new version.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features

Pen & Windows Ink

There are many new changes on the Pen & Windows Ink website. But there is a choice now to deactivate your app proposals when you use Windows Ink Workspace.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features

Optional Features

This update also improves the optional feature settings. That allows you to choose and install several optional features simultaneously. By making adjustments in this Windows update of 10 May 2020.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features

The available function lists can search and sort by the name, size, and date. In your “Installed Settings” folder, you can also see the install date on each optional feature. The list of features available for installation also includes Microsoft feature dependence on the description of each optional feature.

In the “Recent Action” section you can now view the status of your most recent installs, uninstalls and cancels and you can now add optional functionality to your history via pop-up dialogs.

options

The log-in options page now selects the option “Using my login information to automatically complete configuration of my computer” under “Sign-in options” in account settings, to restart applications automatically after booting. This change means that you can now check if registered apps can start automatically the following restart using the new Restart app configuration.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features


A new view of active connections and quick access to change settings is being made of the Status Page. (Only one connected to the internet should appear in the “status” map at the top of the page when you have multiple connections.)

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features
Moreover, from the “Status” page you can now see how much data a network uses. If you look like you are using lots of data, you can access the “Data Usage Page” to set a network limit that warns you about closing your network or crossing the boundary. The data that each device uses on that network can also be seen.

In addition, a button with icon and definition is now shown on the show network option and you can not access the Networking and Sharing Center of that page anymore.

Data usage

Windows10 removes the Data Use tab from the key “Network & Internet” page from the start of the 20H1 Build. Nonetheless, they are still available per link on the “Status” tab. The software is not gone.

options

With the Sign-in options settings page, Windows 10 20h1 introduces a new passwordless option to make your computer authenticated by Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint or PIN, if it is disabled, to access your Microsoft accounts. (This option excludes the “Sign-in” and over – the-OS password option.)

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features


The Language Settings tab will be modified with this new version to make the existing settings easier to understand.

In this page, you will now see an overview section that lets you know easily the icons are configured as normal for “Windows show,” “Apps & websites,” “Regional format,” “Keyboarder” and “Speech,” and also and icon is operational, meaning you have to click on the settings to adjust it if something doesn’t look right.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features
In addition, you will notice that features are somewhat clear to understand when you install a new language, and you can flower over each feature to find the descriptive tooltip.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features


The Narrator page also is being updated with many new settings in addition to a number of tweaks and improvements. These new options include “Do not advertise,” “Increase pitch” and “Say caps.” You can also find an option to allow experimental features using Outlook under the section “Change What you hear when you read and interact.”

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features
Moreover, at the bottom of the pages is a new section enabling you to determine the possibility of obtaining information about pictures and links by using the shortcut Narrator + Ctrl+D keyboard, or a summary page using the shortcut Narrator & S on the Web pages.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features

Text cursor

The Narrator page also includes a new Text cursor indicator to help you see and locate a text cursor everywhere you are, beginning with Windows 10 May 2020 Update. You can activate the new option in “Easily access” settings, in a new text cursor page, and turn on the text cursor indicator (select from the scope of the text cursor indicator and make it easier for you to view the color).

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features

Also, the Cursor & pointer page has renamed to Mouse pointer.


The loudspeaker page no longer includes the option “Floating transparent magnification loudspeaker window.”

The page includes the new menu “Maintain the Mouse Pointer,” which makes it easier and simpler to type in the text cursor at the center of the screen.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features

There is also a new read segment, which changes the main actions of the loudspeaker reader. In addition to sizing text choices, a new version has been introduced to include “Control+Alt,” “Caps Lock,” “Insert,” and “Caps Lock or Insert.” Experiences provide three different ways to start reading, including “Play,” “Selected Texts,” and “To read from here” as part of Magnifier design adjustments.

You have deleted the option to change the Magnifier UI to a lens and be in a viewport. Magnifier reading can now be read in more locations.

The Magnifier encourages reading from here and increases reading readability when reading the rectangle. Windows 10 also enhances reading and the text cursor types are more expressive and esthetic while in Lens mode.

Magnifier changes, now that the feature is closed and reopened at the same place, it will maintain its window role.

Diagnostics & feedback

There are no new settings on the Diagnostics & Feedback page, but the page no longer has “Recommended Troubleshooting” settings, beginning with the Windows 10 release of 2004.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features

Delivery Optimization

After installing the 20H1 update you will also notice, however, that new adjustments to thrust the bandwidth are now included in the Delivery Optimization settings. For foreground downloads or background downloads, you can set this separately.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features


Few minor tweaks to the backup settings include a guide to backup the files on the phone, documents and cloud photos using OneDrive.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features


You will not find a list of troubleshooters that you can use in Windows 10 anymore in the Troubleshooting page.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features
They were not deleted, they were only moved to a separate page (additional problem-solvers).

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features


In the Recovery tab, a new “Cloud Download” feature to allow you to download a fresh copy of the Windows 10 20h1 from the Microsoft cloud, rather than to use this file on your computer locally.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features
Installing the same build, version, and edition currently installed on your device will reinstall with “Cloud Download.” Also, it removes all applications that are already installed on your device when choosing the new option. In addition, the user data will also be removed if the’ Delete all’ option is chosen.

You can still choose the Local Reinstall option to reinstall Windows 10 20h1 with the files on your computer if you choose not to re-download files from the cloud.


The update of Windows 10 20h1 will also improve the Narrator, including improved efficiency of reading tables. As you browse, only the deltas are heard. Tables are also less verbose input and output.

Website overview is given with the new Narrator

A website overview is given with the new Narrator + S command in Narrator.
Capacity of first reading the header data and the cell data and the line and column location for the cell in question. Moreover, it reads only headers when you change the headers so that you can focus on cell content.
Every time the search mode opens, the scope will now reset to all the elements.

To read webpages and emails

Capacity to read webpages and emails (Mail and Outlook) automatically. When a web page or email is identified, a paragraph can be contained in the first section of the website rather than in the main section. Using the Outlook app, Narrator will mark the status and irrelevant information for each e-mail (for example, unread and forwarded message). You can use the Narrator + H shortcut to allow reading headers.

Scan mode

Now automatically allows you to use shortcuts when opening a message and to read the text by using the arrow keys.
The interface now supports the pop-up property of Aria.
With the Narrator + 1 command you can disable narrator input learning.
The header is always spoken before the high or low if the importance column is read. If a message has been flagged the details of the column will be spoken immediately following the column of interest rather than at the end.

The narrator is now presenting “flash messages”

as expected when reading the window heading and showing suggested content on a configured braille display.
The narrator now displays cell contents as expected during table navigation on a configured braille display.
The experience of the automatic reading dialog was improved.
Table navigation hotkeys are now permitted to navigate through columns when accessing a list view.
The Summary page dialog has been enhanced by allowing tab and move button to loop around the dialog controls.

The interface won’t announce updates from Chrome

web pages without a priority.
The function now shows the current “thumb” value in legacy picker controls.
In iTunes, the narrator now shows links and play buttons.
Windows 10 improves the narrator’s Chrome and Firefox reading experience.
Some pages might cause the narrator to retrieve previous content.
When some XAML controls are expanded, the narrator now updates an attached braille display properly.

There was a big, blurred design of the icon glyph۔ When objects like images are embedded in the message, the narrator improves e-mail reading.
In Narrator braille, group header elements are now represented by an abbreviation of grp instead of group, and if they have not changed the narrator no longer announces changes to fonts.
Autocorrect sound now correlates more closely to the editing experience.

The Narrator in Outlook and Mail

As you read in Outlook your e-mails, like the inbox, the Narrator will now more effectively read the information. Each item on each line now begins the unread and forwarded email status, followed by the other columns, such as the topic or subject. Column headers are muted, columns with no or default data (expected value), such as usual significance or unflagged columns are muted. During Outlook, you can turn headers on and off by pushing the Narrator + H on and off.

Effective Reading Experience

Windows 10 also improves the Narrator in this new version to offer a more effective reading experience in the Outlook or Mail app.

Scan Mode will automatically switch on when you open the message. In addition to all other scanning mode hotkeys, you can use your arrow keys to read the message to jump through the message text.

Furthermore, the narrator now eliminates the needless table detail so that the text of the message can be moved quickly.

Eye Control

Eye Control (the feature that allows disabled users to control their computers through their eyes) introduces many new features beginning with Windows 10 May 2020.


With Eye Control now you can drag-and-drop. The precise mouse control system now allows you to drag the mouse, click-and-drag using the shift and Ctrl modifier keys. When the feature enabled from your settings screen.


The launchpad has covered by clicking the pause button. The pad re-appears when you close the eyes briefly or look away from the screen when you’re discarded. It can also be used without triggering the eyesight control characteristics, enabled applications.

Switch support

The linger system now allows the switching process to be done. Linger is used in this method to choose the target, while a switch is used to click on a button. Actually, joystick switches are supported, or joystick emulation tools.


The open-source Gaze Interaction Biblioteca in the Windows Community Toolkit allows developers to create custom gaze-enabled applications now.


Page Setup Eye Control was revamped. Some of the improvements include the ability to control new features and the numerical values that change how the machine responds to eye movements.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features

What’s new with input experience on windows 10 20h1 (may 2020 update)?


The Microsoft SwiftKey technology which allows you to accurately autocorrect and predict by using the touch and the hardware keys to learning your writing behavior is expanding to 39 other languages.


Dictation technology from Microsoft expands to 12 other languages.

Japanese IME improvements

Writing in Japanese, Windows 10 20h1 Version 2004 provides ships with an updated, more secure, stable and compatible IME experience.

Microsoft has also changed Ctrl + Space to’ None’ as the default assignment feature, and Ctrl + Space can still be used by modifying its setting to turn IME on or off.

If you type in Chinese, the operating system provides a new version (Pinyin and Wubi) of the Chinese Simplified IMEs as well as traditional Chinese IMEs (Bopomofo, ChangJie, and Quick).

Health and Security of Windows Experience

The health and security of Windows experience have been enhanced. You’ll also see a cleaner interface for the candidate window and the configuration pages beginning with the 20H1 update. In addition, Windows 10 updated the Chinese Pinyin IME settings to refer now to’ Default’ mode instead of input mode. (Settings of the new Microsoft Input Method Editors available in the Settings app). Microsoft has also modified the Chinese Pinyin IME toolbar to become light using light theme and your programmed defragmentation settings are maintained by the upgrade logic.

Korean IME improvements

If you type in Korean, an update of the IME is safer, more reliable and features a design that has been improved. This upgrade also improved the algorithm used when writing Korean with the touch keyboard for text prediction. The recommendations for text should now be more concise and appropriate in writing.

In the case of a shortcut to the Input Method Editor on or off, you need to change the settings within the Key & Tockey Customisation Seite. In this section, the Strl+Space keyboard shortcut is now set to “None.”

Chinese IME improvements

If you are using Windows 10 in Chinese, the 2004 version improves the conversion mode toggling speed.

Therefore, if you find you want to have it a little larger than the General settings page, then you can now change the candidate font-size separately from the rest of the program.

What’s new with system experience on windows 10 20h1 (may 2020 update)?

The out-of-box experience (OOBE) now includes a lock icon for private networks.

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2

Windows 10 ships for Linux 2, which is a new version of the function that runs ELF64 Linux binaries with the Windows Subsystem, starting from the version 2004.

This new architecture uses a real kernel for Linux, so that it changes Linux binaries and the hardware interacts with Windows 10 and keeps the experience of the previous version.

The new version has a far better file system performance and full system call compatibility, allowing you to run more applications like Docker, according to Microsoft.

Linux 2 networking program Windows Subsystem

You can also connect the Linux 2 networking program Windows Subsystem with the localhost in this new version.

WSL now includes new global settings that can be applied for each distro. You can also define options for the WSL 2 virtual machine (VM) because all the WSL 2 disks run in the same VM. The possibility of choosing a custom Linux kernel is perhaps the most significant choice you get.

Searching Windows

Windows 10 updates the indexing behavior in this new version to rule out the common developer folders such as.git,.hg,.svn,.nuget, and others by default to improve system performance while constructing and syncing big codebases at the default indexed location.

Sync settings engine

Microsoft will start to upgrade the settings synchronization engine to a better and more reliable engine starting with this new version. As a result, this feature can not work as expected until changes are made fully in the cloud.


With this update, when the device is detected, you can match a Bluetooth device directly from the notice, without having to open the Settings application.

Windows 10 also has a better GUI, which displays fewer alerts to make pairing a little faster. The first notification now includes a “Dismiss” button to allow you to control more with the “Swift Pair.” Finally, Windows 10 displays the device name and the category when possible, to make the notification more effective.

Network cameras

Windows 10 version 2004 includes native network cameras support to enable developers “to build security, security, and machine learning solutions for video analysis.” You will find, pair, configure and stream TCP / IP-enabled TCP / IP for major ONVIF Profile S camera brands with this new support. When a new network camera is connected to Windows 10, the stream can easily be routed via the operating system’s existing camera APIs.

Developers will also be able to use the same Windows camcorder APIs to create solutions for 2004 from the unique RTSP Uniform Resource Identification (URI). In order to create high-performance end-to-end safety solutions for specific monitoring situations, for example for people detection or facial recognition, the developers can also take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) services and functionality with the new support.

Disk Cleanup

The disk cleanup tool will no longer include an option to empty the “downloads” folder in an error way to free space on your computer. Windows 10 tracks changes and begins in the 2004 version.

Login screen

Windows 10 is also introducing a new key for Windows + Ctrl + Shift + L keyboard shortcut from this new version for testing on login problems. You can use the shortcut while your device is locked, replicate the problem and use the shortcut again to generate a reference number that you can share when reporting the problem.

What’s new with apps experience on Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update)?


It adds the ability to restore unsaved content after the installation of an upgrade from version 2004.

Notepad is now a Microsoft Store up-to-date product, ensuring that the note-taking software will no longer rely on Windows 10 updates to update.

Snip & Sketch

As a result, version 2004 implemented single-window mode, which opens up new snips in the same window instead of a window for each snip taking multiple screenshots, as part of the Windows 10 screenshot device upgrade.

If they are too low to see (and you support CTRL+Plus, CTRL+Minus, and Ctrl+Mouse) on your screenshots now you can zoom into.

This new version also enhances Windows + Shift + S’s discoverability by adding a reference to use the shortcut when opening the application.

Feedback Hub

The new feature searches for feedback that’s similar to the one you’ve written. Windows 10 20H1 also ships with an improved Feedback Hub app with a new feature called „ Finder similar feedback.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features
If similar feedback is available, you can add your comment or create new feedback.

However, with this new Windows 10 update, the app has an improved search interface that will allow new icons, colors and label to say more clearly the differences between problems and suggestions.

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features
Microsoft is revamped with iconography and interfaces to provide similar feedback, suggestions, and reviews.

In addition, sending problem feedback will no longer be a popularity contest. To help the engineering team fix problems with the feature update. You will instead need to fill out a semi-finished form when you add similar feedback. It allows you to add a description of your own.

Eventually, the Feedback app features a new achievements tab that offers progress in order to discover achievements. Microsoft also has additional features to identify and track your progress.


In this new version, the Calculator app has updated and features a new mode “Ever at the top” to keep the App visible at the moment.

Xbox Game Bar

The app now shows an FPS counter and a performance overlays when you use the Xbox game bar.

Microsoft Defender

Starting with Windows 10 version 2004, the software giant extends ATP capabilities beyond the operating system to reflect the cross-platform approach to endpoint security. As a result, Microsoft has changed the names of “Windows Defender” to “Microsoft Defender.”

Windows 10 20h1 (May 2020 update): The New Features

Note: The guide covers features and enhancements before 19033 developed by Windows 10. It should remember that this manual focuses on consumer apps. But Microsoft also provides other features, not included here for businesses. Although these updates are all part of 20H1. There are already some features including Windows File Explorer Search and Feedback Hub update as of 1909.

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