Volkswagen ID 4 SUV to be Revealed at New York Motor Show

Volkswagen ID 4 SUV crossover will be unveiled in the New York motor show in April as Volkswagen’s next ID production model. The new EV will grasp many of the same external subjects as the ID Crozz concept car, first introduced in 2017.

The electric crossover-style SUV will must an important part of the VW ID brand’s range. Sure to gain much popularity in the US as well as in Europe, preceding the launch of the ID 3 hatchback.

The 2 Versions of the ID SUV: Volkswagen ID 4 and Volkswagen ID 5

A standard model and a coupe-SUV in the vein of the original concept, expected to name as ID 4 and ID 5 respectively. The ID 5 will reveal at a later date.

The straight SUV will have a more conventional roofline and tailgate design and is also expected to have conventional rear doors, ditching the sliding ones on the 2017 Crozz concept.

We already saw the model testing prototypes that confirm that it shares a design similar to the Crozz concept, including the up and downhill shoulder line, the dominant front end and high hangings. During the launch of ID 3 last September, a camouflaged ID 4 prototype had shown, with a lot of design hints shared.

To Sell 100,000 Volkswagen [per year] all-electric Vehicles By 2020

In Europe, the USA and China, the Volkswagen ID 4 and Volkswagen ID 5 will develop, cementing its reputation as a truly global model and a key pillar of rapid EV deployment for the company.

“We want to sell 100,000 Volkswagen[ per year] all-electric vehicles by 2020,” said Herbert Diess, chairman of the VW Group at the Crozz project launching in 2017. The ID 4 and ID 5 aim at integrating the sleek lines of a modern sports car with the all-terrain capabilities of a dedicated off-roader.

“The sales could rise ten times over to one million vehicles every year by 2025.” The Tiguan Allspace, a long-distance version of VW’s best-selling SUV brand, also said to deliver an indoor space in keeping with it.

Volkswagen ID 4 SUV to be revealed at New York motor show

Design of the ID Crozz

The design of ID Crozz is 4,625 mm in length, 1891 mm wide and 1609 mm high, put in terms of its dimensions between the Tiguan five-sitter and the Tiguan Allspace seven-sitter. It’s a 2773 mm wheelbase.

The MEB ID Crozz, equipped with an 83kWh lithium-ion battery in the floor structure and two electric motors, one mounted inside the forward axle and one in the back. The 101 bhp and 103 ft front wheels, delivered by the front electric motor. The rear unit delivers a combined output of 332 lb and 302bhp for 201bhp and 228 lb-ft for rear wheels.

Intends the Speed to 112 mph

It is a mere 100 bhp higher than the rear-wheel-drive ID hatchback powertrain, which will account for a likely increase in weight. The ID 4 must be more than 311 miles long and does not yet have a specific figure. There have been no reports, but VW claims that it wants to expect the high speed to 112 mph.

VW reports also a front-to-rear weight distribution of 48:52 with its large battery mounted low down in the floor structure and the powerful motors also inside within the axles assemblies, front and rear. VW officials spoke about robust characteristics, saying that the new platform and chassis provide a “widespread of handling and comfort.”


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