Tile Mate will help you Find Your Keys

Begin your Tile Mate 2020 morning routine by your side. Mate is the best choice to track your everyday items affordably and reliably.

Tile Mate will help you like any good friend to find keys, to ring your phone, or to let you know when you have left home your bag. Let Mate continue to run smoothly to keep your day going.

What is the Bluetooth line of Mate?

The Bluetooth portfolio of Mate 2020 will go up to 60 m/200 ft, 50 ft/15 m above Mate 2018!

Is Tile Mate water-resistant?

Tile Mate 2020 is waterproof and has an IP55 of the International Waterproof Standards.

This basically means that Mate is able to resist splashes or a quick drop in water and is good for daily use. It is simply not intended for underwater usage.

You should try out Tile Slim or Sticker if you are looking for something that is more open to heat.

Does Mate have a battery to replace?

Yes, both have replaceable batteries for Mate in 2018 and 2020. It comes with a full year battery CR1632! It is guaranteed! It’s a full year of Tiling without any worries!

You are eligible for the annual free battery replacement which we ship to you when subscribing to Tile Premium. How about a low-maintenance life? See more Tile Premium benefits here.

Tile Mate will help you Find Your Keys


What’s Mate’s guarantee?

Our standard1-year guarantee comes with Mate free of worries.

What are the colors?

Modern white Mate comes in brown. All your stuff is a perfect look!

How can I attach Tile Mate?

Mate is fitted with a keychain loop so that you can connect to backpacks, bags and gym bags. You can also buy Tile adhesives here online or find a store in your vicinity. And add your mate nearly to any layer.

Tile Mate Specifications

  • Works with Amazon Alexa Google Assistant
  • Works at temperatures from 14 to 140 ° Fahrenheit
  • 200 feet Range

Tile Pro and Mate Which One is a good option for You?

The Tile Pro is the biggest tracker of Tile and weighs 15.5 g (about double the Tile Mate). The Mate is 35 mm in length and the Pro is 42 in height.

They both are about six mm wide. This gives you the option of putting the trackers on keys and in the wallet, bags, etc. I love both trackers.

The Tile Mate and the Tile Pro look quite similar, in addition to their dimensions. All squares are stylish and minimalistic and have rounded edges. The Mate is nice and smooth while the Pro has a smooth surface.

As I said, at temperatures of 14-140 degrees Fahrenheit, you can use these trackers. Although this is not the biggest range I saw, the range will cover most regions (although winter may be a bit hard depending on where you live).

All trackers have 55 IPs, so they are covered by dust and are able to withstand water up to 6.3 mm. So, while in a glass of Evian you shouldn’t darken the tiles, it’s all right if they get a little wet.

The Tile Pro is available in white and in black, but the Tile Mate is available only in red. All trackers have replaceable batteries, so when their batteries die in a year.

You won’t have to buy entirely new trackers. While a CR1632 battery is used in Tile Mate, a CR2032 battery has added in Tile Pro.

The Tile Pro is your best bet if you’re looking for loud. It has a 128-decibel siren, which in terms of volume is somewhere between a ball and a normal stadium crowd.

The siren of the Tile Mate is around 119 decibels loud like oxygen or a thunder fire. It is obvious that one siren will be useful, but the Tile Pro wins by nine degrees exactly.

The range is the greatest difference between the Tile Mate and the Tile Pro. With a recent update, the Tile Mate has a solid range of approx. 200 feet. The Tile Pro has an incredible range of 400 feet.

In general, 200 for the Bluetooth tracker ranges is the upper limit, so the Tile Pro knows them well for that class outside the park. Tile, you might impress me with color.


I am not impressing by the Tiles, but I don’t deny you the chance to be over 200-400 meters away from your tracker. It’s not a secret. This is where Find Community enters.

You have to make a mark as lost in your Tile app if your tracker goes out of the field and wait until it appears in another person’s scope. Anyone with a Tile app detects the Tiles around them automatically without the user’s knowledge or effort.

It’s anonymous, so you don’t even know it helps you find your item. In addition, it does not hurt 80 percent of Tile’s market share –the bigger the network, the better you will find your item.

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