Tesla Hack: A List of Potential Model 3 Upgrades

These Tesla hack demonstrate several possible modifications that transform Model 3 into an utterly appropriate vehicle!

Tesla is commonly known for being closely informed about news and product information. For example, take Cybertruck. No one had seen it until the day of its launch, nor were any sketches or other pertinent information leaked apart from the mysterious logo of Elon Musk. Tesla couldn’t hold things to herself this time, though. In the latest software upgrade on the Model 3, Tesla was leaking several codes. A Tesla hacker named Green broke the code and generated some interesting data in the near future, including a 100 kWh battery pack.

While Tesla tries to deter the paparazzi and the press from doing anything, they can’t do much for hackers. Several hackers manage to access Tesla software root and expose its features much in advance in the near future. Green has for some time leaked Tesla Hack from time to time but wasn’t really successful over the last year because he concentrated on visualizing what the autopilot could see in Tesla. In this situation, he found that Tesla uses a different gateway and that it was difficult to decipher the settings.

Green tweeted, “It is very different to the gateway machine since Model 3 has been implemented (which removes the auto-configuration), rather than an older text file, now it’s an abstract set of binary register with values and it was a little hard to know what that meant.” (It was called MCU transitionary internally so obviously, but I’ll digress it’s only a transition to something better).

Indeed, Tesla will soon make many changes to the Tesla Model 3.


One of the improvements is Tesla’s major step in moving from the conventional Continental TPMS sensors it has been using to its own BLE sensors.

Tesla also applied for the new device with the FCC. Green’s tweet states: “It is, for example, an update from April, which said that the Tesla company plans to remove TPMS sensors from Conti and substitute them with its own BLE sensor (and save money)?

Tesla Hack: A List of Potential Model 3 Upgrades


He also discovered new Model 3 wheels codes. So, if you remember correctly, Tesla initially showed three different wheel prototypes, two of which had manufactured and the warmest one wasn’t. According to Electrek, the request for patents reveals that Joonas Vartola designed the wheels as an independent designer in Finland, leaving Tesla in 2016. Once asked whether the third design was updated, Elon Musk tweeted “Will do it later this year. Too much at the moment on the plate.

It will be available as a service upgrade. “Tesla apparently dropped the concept for the other two, but it will be an optional upgrade to come back. Thus, these wheels could make a comeback.


Model 3 could become a better performer with increased airflow. The air intake system has the purpose of allowing air to enter the driveway. This helps to keep the batteries cool and therefore to increase their lifespan in the long term. It also leads to improved power and efficiency of output. The following upgrade could also include better aviation and aerodynamic updates for the Model 3.


Tesla Model 3 could come with a laminated roof. The model year 2021 will come in. In the past, sunroofs suddenly exploded without an obvious cause. There have been instances. This analyzed at least 859 accounts from the NHTSA database, according to a Consumer’s report. This is, therefore, great danger and Tesla doesn’t want any part. Using laminated glass is a simple solution that reduces the risk.

Tesla Hack: 100-KWH BATTERY 

Green also found codes for updating the battery.

The biggest battery in Model 3 at present is a pack of 75 kWh. But soon, a pack of 100 kWh could overtake this! It does not seem likely. But he tweeted, “The real battery packets are now fascinating. The 100kWh pack has survived to the mid-year ‘non-model 3 content dump’. So, there is a fair chance that it will be up and not spill over.’ I am not yet convinced Tesla can carry such a big Model 3 battery pack. This takes the prices to the other goods and can not even sell tremendously.


The final decode dealt with Performance.

The Ludicrous Mode for the 3 Model founded by Blue.

In the past Musk promised, but never got there. Musk revealed that it will launch new products in the near future and will now focus on technology. So, I assume that this can be expected very early. Otherwise, Musk can wait for the right time and then start this app. Too many questions, but what is most likely to happen is a Ludicrous mode.


Tesla Model 3 is the company’s most popular product today. Therefore, it’s likely that the car might receive a lot of updates every now and then. Model 3 Performance has recently received over-the-air updates that have improved performance by five percent. Many owners tested this and all thought the 0-60 mph sprints increased.

The company’s earlier 3.2 seconds argument squandered by this upgrade, as owners were able to break the 3-second barriers. Model 3 fitted with a power to weight ratio of 191 W / kg and has supplied with two generators, one connected with each axle. Tesla Model 3 can become an even more thrilling driving car with all the codes decoded. That hack got the most of you? In the comments section below, share your thoughts with us.

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