Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) was initially launched seven years ago, and ever since, it has seen a growth in players. Although other games don’t usually last this long, GTA 5 is in a class of its own, and the main reason behind its popularity over the years has been its entertaining features.

Stylish cars to own in GTA

It contains quite a few exciting and enjoyable aspects that all the players cherish. One major aspect is vehicle customization which is the favorite of several players. The GTA 5 online variant offers hundreds of attractive cars that you can collect. Although, it’s not easy to collect cars because it will require the player to spend a lot of in-game currency to acquire them.

Stylish cars to own in GTA

The customization of the cars requires further investment. Thus, if you don’t have enough cash, spending the money you have at hand in pursuing heists is better. The customization comes with a price range, and you will have to pay based on your requirements.

However, if money isn’t a problem for you and you are looking for the top 5 most stylish vehicles, you are in the right place. In the article, we will present you with some of the best and most stylish choices you can make in the game. Drive these cars in GTA Vice city Mobile And GTA San Andreas Mobile.

Annis ZR350

Annis ZR350 or Mazda RX-7 is one of the most awaited vehicles in GTA online, and it was launched as part of the Los Santos Tuners. Annis, a popular recreation of the RX-7, has a classic and elegant touch added to it.

The two-seated vehicle has a pop-up headlight design that provides a unique ’90s vibe that isn’t very common in the game. Most of the cars you will find are modern and more popular supercar models such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, etc.

The player can also modify Annis ZR350 as they like and add various incredible customization details to it.

Turismo Classic

If you love sports cars and particularly the classic sporty collection in GTA online, the Turismo classic is one of the most visually attractive options. The Turismo classic will provide you with both functionality and elegance. You will easily stand out among your friends and other players if you show up driving this vehicle.

It has a retro Ferrari appearance, and it is based on the Testarossa and the F40. The players might find the car’s design similar to the Turismo and Cheetah inside the 3D games.

Pfister Growler

Although many players might not find it the best choice, the Growler is still one of the most attractive Pfister cars in GTA Online. This car is a must-have, particularly for Porsche lovers, notably because the 718 Cayman inspires its design and appearance.

The growler also has a wide customization choice that allows the player to modify every detail on the car. Depending on their preferences, the player can redesign the car in numerous ways, making it an off-road rally vehicle or a circuit racer.

Dominator GTT

Dominator GTT belongs to “muscle cars,” and there are plenty of options in GTA 5. Nevertheless, the dominator stands out among the rest in numerous ways. The design of the car reminds players of the classic American, which a lot of fans have been disparately waiting for as it is based on the famous 69-70 Ford Mustang.

The outlook of the car is just one of the features. The handling of it is exquisite as this kind of performance isn’t very common in other cars of the same category.

Itali RSX

If you want a car with a more modern look and performance, the Itali RSX is an excellent choice. Stats indicate that it has been one of the most fan-favorite cars due to its functionality and appearance. The car’s design is similar to the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, and it also doesn’t go overboard due to its aerodynamic design.

The car is not cheap and will cost a lot of in-game currency, but if you can afford it, it’s worth having inside your garage.

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