Small Business Phone Service: To Choose the Best Ones in 2020

Small Business Phone Service is now the standard part of Digital Transformation. Each part of the new bureau is now influencing by digital transformation. With a variety of cloud services replacing old-fashioned equipment.

VoIP systems have now replaced the enclosed desk covered with a phone bank, so workers can use their mobile smartphones or tablets on-the-go wherever they operate and only use an app to access the business phone network of the organization.

This not only allows workers to increase productivity, but also ensures cost-effectiveness with fewer hardware costs.

The setup is usually easy and very straightforward because it requires a little bit more than a digital service and a paid subscription to it once.

While it may take just a few minutes to do some small configuration settings. Now that you have finished, you have a full-service telephone system that can reach as many staff you need to cover.

Various service rates of cheaper plans that provide basic functionality. And more costly plans with additional features widely provided, if needed.

Costs are generally based instead of the business change, and although many telephone services companies offer clear, flat-rate pricing, some providers will instead seek a custom quote that can often cost more while allowing additional options that are not normally available.

As we move to 2020, we are the best in business telephone services with our main choices and additional options for you to consider.

Best Small Business Phone Service: Just a Look

  1. RingCentral Office
  2. MiCloud Connect
  3. Ooma Office
  4. 8×8 X Series

RingCentral Office

The Small Business Phone Service in the cloud. With a single communication strategy that provides plenty of implementation options. From Google to Microsoft, Oracle to Amazon and Zendesk, RingCentral Office markets itself. As an all-in-one platform for all organizational dimensions.

Tickets are only priced at $19.99 for up to 10 users and vary rates for phones and even desks. The calculation is available at $19.99.

It is the cost levels above, however, where RingCentral Office actually has a comprehensive set of features. That should make integral to any modern telephone service.

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RingCentral offers both Unified communications (UCaaS) and the Contact Center as a service (CCaaS). that allows even small companies to gain business experience.

Furthermore, RingCentral can provide a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS). That enables you to use APIs to better configure and integrate your phone system. With other apps you use. That includes access to your developer network.

Yet ultimately, the cheaper plan probably offers enough to please the smallest enterprises. It is medium-sized and larger that will most likely benefit from RingCentral’s unparalleled wealth of apps.

MiCloud Connect

MiCloud Connect is a cloud-based Small Business Phone Service VoIP platform from Mitel, a leader in the telecom industry. Aiming to provide a comprehensive solution for business voice, collaboration, and contact centers.

Small Business Phone Service: To Choose the Best Ones in 2020

The platform itself runs via the Google Cloud while meeting HIPAA and SOC 2 requirements. While the main advantages include PBX platforms hosting Mitel, accessibility for on-going plug-and-play on mobile devices. As well as a single-click system management GUI.

Included in MiCloudConnect are audio and video conferencing, internet sharing, VPN, chat team, contact center.

Pricing starts on a monthly basis at $20.99 and provides tools for PBX, conference, and collaboration. The $26.59 per user per month Premier package provides call recording and implementation options at its peak.

  • MiCloud Link is available here.

Ooma Office

Ooma Office is the commercial version of (almost) the popular free home service. Service plans here include a one-time $129.97 order from the Ooma Office base station.

Small Business Phone Service: To Choose the Best Ones in 2020

Unlimited calls to the United States and Canada begin at $19.99 per user a month. With features including digital fax, local or toll-free number. And conference extension. It includes bonus features.

The service is supported by more than 35 services, including 24/7 client assistance, standby music, a digital receptionist, mobile app. And a variety of calls after-hours reply strategies.

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The Ooma office has been slightly affected by a lower level project for cash-strapped companies and by the introduction of new customers, as each user is paid at full price, the expense of economies of scale can not be decreased.

You can apply to the Ooma Office here.

8×8 X Series

The 8×8 X Series is a cloud-based Small Business Phone Service platform. That offers various service rates for calls, meetings, shared services, and a calling center.

Small Business Phone Service: To Choose the Best Ones in 2020

Advertising $25 per user per month is costing the cheapest tier, X Series X2. That offers unlimited call-in to fourteen countries, mobile apps, team messaging, screen sharing HD video conferencing, call capturing, voicemails, analytics, Single Sign On (SSO), and salesforce, Zendesk, and NetSuite integration.

The X Series X4 package provides unlimited calling in 47 nations, manager reviews, call quality monitoring. And a switchboard for $45 per user per month.

The X Series X6 package includes an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) voice contact center, postal call surveys, interactive request screen, and search analytics. But this almost certainly applies to bigger companies at $110 per client per month.

X series X8 provides an omnichannel, quality management and voice analysis, predictive customers and non-browsing solution, all for 172 dollars per user per month.

  • The 8×8 X Series is available here.

The inexpensive business telephone System. is an affordable business-VoIP platform and is best suited for competitive lower-end networks. With a pay-per-minute base plan beginning at $9.99 a month (when charged every year). In summary, the package offers only 300 voice minutes per month with 5,000 SMS. That is only ideal for the most restricted business use.

Even on the bare side, premium apps including e-mail voicemail, call block and call queuing are including. The system has shown to follow the confidentiality requirements of medical companies. It has HIPAA approved.

The Plus Plan for $14.99 a month (when charged annually) Offers you a still limited 500 mins and 10,000 SMS text. Perhaps the most realistic options for most businesses are. Even the top Pro plan–a monthly contract of $29.99 –also offers limited time. For 1,000 minutes and SMS messages per month.

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What does well, however, is that full-function cloud business phone services are really accessible. For the smallest companies. So whether you’re an LLC or a single trading company, you can still access only businesses with the features usually available.

Here is you can sign up.

Other Small Business Phone Service to consider

There are a lot of different services, irrespective of whether you’re opting for a more conventional PBX or VoIP phone system. What is best for you will depend on your own needs and the size of your business. There are a lot of options, although we’ve listed five providers above. We’ll look at another five more quickly here.


Avaya is another big name in unified communications and has established itself together. With Mitel as a leading expert in business telecoms. Nonetheless, it encompasses the whole spectrum of company types, from medium to huge. So don’t let big names mean large costs. While Cloud-based VoIP is already a well-established Avaya service with many different options for your client.


FluentStream is another cloud-based VoIP provider with an integrated UCaaS multifaceted platform. Even for the basic plan (20 dollars a month), there is a decent list of options. Including increased levels of services up to the contact center. Mobile use is likely to consider as normal rather than an alternative, with Android and iOS apps available.


DialPad is a business VoIP platform, especially for mobile use, enabling voice, video, messages, and meetings. It provides an immense possible benefit by minimizing initial hardware expenditures If workers are actually able to use their current phones or tablets. Various business sizes covered, standard integrations are available. With prices ranging from $20 to $35 a user depending on the number of advanced features required.


Skype might be a simple option, but it had become a leading VoIP provider. Before it had bought by Microsoft. It now provides all the cloud and office integrations that the giant parent company would have anticipated. So long as you’re willing to keep your calls online and use calls and conferences on mobile telephones or tablets. In conclusion, we can say that this may the cheapest option for everyone mentioned here.


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