S11 Released Date is Revealed: February 11th

S11 Released Date: The Galaxy S11 (or is it S20?) arrives at a fast pace and in February or March Samsung will always launch its new flagship S-series. We now know when the devices will be disclosed this year: 11 February.

S11 Released Date: Promotional Video

The video below has originally unintentionally posted to a video channel for Samsung Press. And discovered on Twitter by Max Weinbach (of the XDA developer). Eventually, S11 Released Date is February 11th the Samsung Unpacked video announcements will indeed broadcast live as always.

S11 Released Date is Revealed: February 11th

We will surely see the next major Galaxy S phones at the event and there is also a possibility of a new Galaxy Fold. We’re not going to have to wait long to know.

Developing New, Groundbreaking Apps To Shape Mobile Experiences In The Next Decade

Samsung has officially announced the S11 Released Date: the 11 AM Pacific Time Unboxed on February 11.The company says that it is “developing new, groundbreaking apps to shape mobile experiences in the next decade.”

Galaxy S11 Camera Specs and Supercharging for Fold 2

We sense certain anticipation when a screenshot of an unreleased computer slides across our desks. It’s fresh, mysterious, exciting — but only half of the user experience is hardware. Some of the strongest leaks in recent times have found in the developer’s code. Now we have new information about the camera features of the Galaxy S11, plus information about the charging speed of the Galaxy Fold 2.

S11 Released Date is Revealed: February 11th

The features concerned become exposed by the One UI 2.0 update now downloaded to the Galaxy Note9. Since these features are already resting in the operating system, there is a good chance that these features will become usable when the time is right.

Galaxy S11 (S20) Camera Features

Usually supposed to carry four or five rear cameras for Samsung’s up-coming S series phones. The dimensions separating each camera have remained a mystery. Yet for the first time, the software that drives them, verified. Based on uncovered code strings, the S11 (which at least one recent theory suggests could launch as an S20 instead) may feature:

  • Director’s Viewpoint: Theoretically, users would be able to select a subject— whether a human or an object— within the viewfinder and force the camera to focus on that point when filming a video. Although the subject or the target moves, the camera will continue to track the target. Director’s view can also change lenses for better close-up shots on the fly.
  • Single Photo: It is often difficult to get that perfect shot where everyone looks and smiles at your camera while taking a photo with many subjects. Single Take Photo may help users to capture the best picture by watching the scene and shooting the images.
  • Pro Video: Originally launched back in 2015 with the Galaxy S6, Pro Mode unexpectedly missed a lot of users earlier this year. Luckily, the lack of functionality, rumored to return, allowing users to manually change the exposure of the image, shutter speed, color tone, and ISO.
  • Bokeh Effects: As an alternative to the Live Focus mode that went down with the Galaxy Note8, Samsung could add four new effects called Artify, Mono, Sidelight, and Vintage. Their names give you a good idea of how those results will come to light, but we have to wait and see if the S11 (S20) as S11 released date has announced.

Galaxy Fold 2 Supercharging Speed

S11 Released Date is Revealed: February 11th

No much had learned of the Galaxy Fold 2, the images, uncovered and leaked in December. The Galaxy Fold 2 can be charged at Super Fast Charging beginning at 25W with the uncovered code and finishing at 45W, which is a welcome addition to help fight the alleged paltry batteries of Fold 2.

Eventually, Samsung users can track the overall health of its device’s batteries with a new battery safety feat that can be more than just the S11 (S20) and Fold2 batteries in use. As a result, owners can understand better when their batteries start to get extremely wary and if they undergo the performance.

Check the link below for more information on features.

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