macOS Catalina and Windows 10 updates

Apple has released macOS Catalina, its latest update to the OS powering Macs and MacBook. And while the launch hasn’t been perfect, it’s the update that Microsoft should eye enviously.

That’s because, just in case you’ve lost the news, Microsoft has had a rotten run of Windows 10 updates. It’s every new release apparently breaking additional things than it fixes.

The latest Windows 10 update fail has on the face of it broken the beginning menu–a reasonably important part of Windows 10.

The situation has gotten thus dangerous, that it’s not embarrassing for Microsoft–it’s at risk of seriously damaging the company’s name.
Now, it’d be tempting for Apple to sit back and revel in its previous rival’s current travails. To be fair, we wouldn’t blame it for indulging during a spot of delight. But what we wish Apple to do is learn from Microsoft’s mistakes.

Apple knows of only too well what happens if you release an update that winds up causing extra problems and the way angry that may create its users.

It’s happened to Apple in the past, and while macOS Catalina’s launch has hit no show-stopping problems yet (knock on wood), Apple has to ensure that once it needs to release a patch for macOS Catalina, it won’t introduce any issues.

What Apple will do?

So, what will Apple do to avoid Microsoft’s update problems? There are a variety of theories regarding why Microsoft has such a large amount of problems with its updates recently.

Are they being hurried out? Is Microsoft absolutely testing them? Is it paying attention to its assortment of Windows Insiders? Users who have signed up to do out early versions of the updates and report back regarding any problems?

Amidst all this, Dona Sarkar, one among the leaders involved in Microsoft’s Windows corporate executive initiative, is leaving her role. With the Windows insider team being thus important when it involves testing new updates, it seems leaderless isn’t nice.

What Apple has to do is ensure that its upcoming updates aren’t simply tested, but that it’s in constant communication with developers and users who are testing out early beta versions of the update. If they notice something’s wrong–listen to them. Delay the update.

By taking its time with the updates, Apple may notice it’s truly fixing problems quicker–instead of speeding out an update, only to own to then pay time fixing all the opposite issues that emerge.

Apple ought to investigate Microsoft’s current issues, which may be summed up with the previous phrase “more haste, less speed”. By in haste releasing updates, it’s truly slowing the speed within which issues are being mounted. There’s no want for Apple to brag–just learn.

As for Microsoft, let’s hope that the Windows insider team gets new leadership, which will get these updates back on the right track. Hopefully, before it’s too late.

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