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GTA Vice City PC: GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto. It is an action and adventure 3D game. Rockstar North designed it. Rockstar Games published GTA Vice City in October 2002. The game’s looks, clothing, vehicle shape, and atmosphere reflect the 1980s setting.

Leslie Benzies produced the game. It was challenging to create that atmosphere of the 1980s with the sound team that did it with great effort and hard work. 

The game is about a fictional city named Vice City. It is a single-player game. The main character of the game is Tommy Vercetti. He was caught up during a deal and got jailed. Soon as he was free from jail,  with the power of other criminal organizations in the city, he built a criminal empire.

gta vice city pc

GTA Vice City PC Version

The PC version of this game for Microsoft Windows was released in May 2003. It is the highest-rated game of PC, including commercials and 113 musical songs. GTA Vice City is approximately a 1.6 GB game.

 The plot of the game 

The Vice City consists of two islands and many areas of the city. Locations of the Vice City become unblocked as the game progresses. Tommy has free movement. He has the choice to navigate by foot or use any vehicle.

 Activities in the game 

There are missions that the player completes. Side missions are also present. Tommy can use the M60 machine gun and explosive material to kill enemies. Tommy can collect enemies’ weapons as well. He can buy weapons he needs from city dealers. There is a health meter in the game. Health gets reduced as the bullet hits Tommy. The health icon can refill the Health meter. 

During the game, Tommy meets with other gang members. He completes their given tasks and gets fellows to help in danger. Suppose there is a law and order issue. Tommy has to suffer that. There is a violation meter that tells the criminal level. The criminal extent raised to 6-star helicopters, police, and forces goes after Tommy. Tommy has to hide from them to save him. 

 After completing three tasks, Tommy has a chance to buy a property or a business. Property helps him in hiding the vehicles and weapons. The business helps him in making money. 

 Awards won by GTA Vice City 

It is a 3D adventure game and keeps the interest of the public. The game won 2 awards in Golden Joystick Awards. It won three awards in the Gamespot Game of the Year Awards. It won 2 awards in IGNs of 2003 awards. Also, it won 5 awards in the 1st British Academy game Awards. The game has a great story with music and playing mode. Adventure makes the game an all-time favorite. It’s still the best game of the 21st century. 

 Is GTA Vice City free to download for PC? 

GTA Vice City is free to download for PC. Anyone can install it on their PC and enjoy all the thrill of the game.


Although the game is too old and reflects the structure of the 1980s, still, people love the game and play with keen interest. So try it out and let us know if you like it.

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