GTA 6 Rumours & Gameplay Details Leaked & Expected Official Release Date Now Confirmed

Tez2 is a Rockstar Games insider who has leaked information about the expected release date of Grand Theft Auto 6. Tez2 is known for providing reliable information about Rockstar Games and has revealed in an online forum that the targeted release date for the game is the holiday of 2024, although the deadline is always changing and not set in stone.

However, it’s difficult to say for sure whether the release date for Grand Theft Auto 6 can be trusted, as Rockstar Games has been notoriously secretive about the game’s development and release dates. The company has not officially announced a release date for the game yet, so any dates that have been speculated or leaked are not confirmed. In addition, the release of previous Grand Theft Auto games has been delayed multiple times in the past, so it’s possible that the same could happen with Grand Theft Auto 6. Ultimately, we will have to wait for an official announcement from Rockstar Games to know for sure when the game will be released.

Rockstar Games may have to make some sacrifices or adjustments to the game’s content in order to release it on time, but this has not been confirmed by the company. Leaks say otherwise but its not true. In fact, Rockstar Games has been known for taking its time with game development and often delaying release dates in order to ensure the highest quality product. It’s important to note that any rumors or speculation about the development of Grand Theft Auto 6 should be taken with a grain of salt until confirmed by the company itself.

As of now, Rockstar Games has not officially confirmed any details about the setting or main characters of Grand Theft Auto 6. However, there have been numerous rumors and leaks suggesting that the game will be set in a fictionalized version of Vice City, which was featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a popular installment in the series. Additionally, there have been reports that the game will have two playable protagonists, one male, and one female, which would be a departure from previous Grand Theft Auto games that typically featured only one playable character. As with any rumors or leaks, it’s important to take these reports with a grain of salt until confirmed by Rockstar Games.

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What to expect – Rumors have you!

  • New Game Engine: According to some reports, Grand Theft Auto 6 will run on a new game engine called “RAGE+” that will allow for better graphics, more realistic physics, and improved AI. This would be a significant upgrade from the game engine used in Grand Theft Auto V.
  • Multiplayer: It’s widely expected that Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature an online multiplayer mode, similar to Grand Theft Auto V’s popular “GTA Online.” Some leaks suggest that the game will have a separate multiplayer map that is different from the single-player map.
  • Weather System: One of the more interesting leaks suggests that Grand Theft Auto 6 will have a dynamic weather system that will affect gameplay in various ways. For example, heavy rain could make driving more difficult, while fog could make it more challenging to see enemies.
  • VR Support: There have been rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6 may have virtual reality support, which would allow players to fully immerse themselves in the game world. This would be a significant addition to the franchise and could make for a truly unique gaming experience.
  • More Dynamic NPCs: Some leaks suggest that Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature more dynamic non-playable characters (NPCs) that will have their own lives and routines. This would make the game world feel more alive and immersive, with more opportunities for players to interact with the environment.
  • Improved Police System: One of the criticisms of past Grand Theft Auto games is the simplistic and unrealistic police system. However, some rumors suggest that Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature an improved police system that will be more challenging and realistic. For example, police may have access to helicopters and SWAT teams, making it more difficult for players to evade them.
  • Cross-Platform Play: There have been rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature cross-platform play, which would allow players on different gaming platforms (such as PlayStation, Xbox, and PC) to play together. This would be a significant step forward for the franchise and could greatly expand the player base.
  • Non-Linear Story: Some rumors suggest that Grand Theft Auto 6’s story will be non-linear, meaning that players will have more freedom to choose how they progress through the game’s narrative. This could make for a more immersive and personalized gaming experience.
  • Improved AI: There have been reports that Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature improved AI for both NPCs and enemies. This could make for more realistic and challenging gameplay, as well as more dynamic interactions with the game world.
  • More Realistic Driving: According to some leaks, Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature more realistic driving physics, which could make for a more challenging and immersive driving experience. This could include more realistic car damage, as well as improved handling and vehicle customization options.

Again, it’s important to remember that these leaks and rumors are unconfirmed, and the final version of the game may differ from these reports. Nonetheless, they do provide some exciting possibilities for what Grand Theft Auto 6 could offer.

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Some more leaks:

Sure, here are some additional rumors and information about Grand Theft Auto 6:

  • Multiple Cities: There have been rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6 may feature multiple cities, which would be a first for the franchise. This could include locations such as Vice City, Liberty City, and Los Santos, among others. This would greatly expand the game’s scope and provide more opportunities for diverse gameplay experiences.
  • More Realistic Weather: Some leaks suggest that Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature more realistic weather effects, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. This would not only make for a more immersive game world, but also provide new challenges and opportunities for players.
  • Expanded Multiplayer: Grand Theft Auto Online has been a hugely successful component of Grand Theft Auto V, and there have been rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6 will expand on this feature. This could include more robust player customization options, new game modes and activities, and improved matchmaking and server stability.
  • Next-Gen Graphics: With the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, there have been expectations that Grand Theft Auto 6 will take full advantage of the new hardware’s capabilities. This could include more detailed character models, improved lighting and particle effects, and more realistic textures and environments.

Again, it’s important to take these rumors with a grain of salt, as Rockstar Games has not confirmed any of these details. However, they do provide an exciting glimpse into what Grand Theft Auto 6 could potentially offer.

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According to Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, the development of GTA 6 is “well underway”. However, the exact development status of the game is unknown, and there is no official statement from Rockstar Games on the matter. Microsoft and industry analysts expect the game to be released during Take-Two’s 2024 fiscal year, which suggests that it is likely still in active development.

Last year, in September 2020, a massive leak of in-development footage of Grand Theft Auto 6 occurred. The leaked footage, which included almost 100 videos, revealed details such as a Vice City setting and male and female protagonists. The footage was illegally taken from Rockstar Games’ systems following a network intrusion [1][2]. Rockstar Games confirmed that the leaked footage was legitimate, but the company did not provide any official details on the game’s full reveal or launch date, stating that information will be released as and when the game and the company are ready. However, Rockstar Games and its parent company, Take-Two, both confirmed that the leak would not delay the project, and it would not have any “long-term” effects on its development timeline.

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