Love to play GTA V? and have earned a huge amount of money in the game? Want to buy the most expensive and powerful weapon? Here is the list of the 5 most expensive weapons in GTA 5. These weapons are the most powerful, dangerous, and awesome-looking.

5 Most Expensive Weapons In GTA 5 Game

1) Orbital Cannon

Orbital Cannon is our first and the most powerful explosive weapon. It is the most expensive and modern weapon of GTA 5 APK. The price of the weapon is starting from $600000-$900000. Orbital Cannon is a satellite-guided weapon.

The explosive weapon is so powerful and fast. You can kill your hundreds of enemies in one shot and with the help of this weapon you can fight with hundreds of your enemies easily and can beat them. You just have to target your enemies via a satellite system. With a single click, you can kill thousands of people from a huge distance.

2) Widow Maker

This is the 2nd most expensive and extremely powerful weapon of GTA V. Widow Maker is a type of minigun but it shoots plasma instead of bullets. The Widow Maker is a very stable, fast, and powerful weapon. It costs you about $450000.

With the help of this powerful and modern minigun, you can kill hundreds of your enemies easily by standing at one point. You just need to push the trigger until your all enemies die. If you are a minigun lover then Widow Maker is perfect for you with modern features. The design of the weapon is outstanding and the 7 aliens on the machine show the death count of the minigun.

3) Unholy Hellbringer

The Unholy Hellbringer is 3rd most expensive and unique weapon of the game. The Unholy Hellbringer costs you about $449000. This weapon also shoots plasma instead of bullets. And has a unique un-customizable design. Three aliens on the weapon represent the kill count. The weapon is very powerful and fast. You can fight with your enemies with the great stability and speed of the weapon. It is not that much powerful like Widow Maker but it is a good weapon to buy.

4) Up-n-Atomizer

The Up-n-Atomizer comes in 4th place in the list of most expensive weapons of GTA V. Up-n-Atomizer costs about $400000. The weapon is used to stun enemies and other objects. It is a very unique raygun and does not use any bullets. The ammo of the Up-n-Atomizer is reloaded every 2 seconds. The gun is not that powerful but you can kill your enemy with a couple of shots.

5) Military Rifle

The 5th most expensive weapon in GTA V is a military rifle. It costs about $398000. Military Rifle is one of the most famous and powerful weapons in GTA games. The speed and power of this gun are awesome. You can find a couple of your enemies with the help of this very powerful machine.

A headshot with Military Rifle can kill the enemy in just a single shot but if you miss the headshot then 3-4 shots can kill a person. The Rifle is perfect for you if you love to fight with a real gun.

So, this was our list of the top 5 most expensive weapons of GTA 5. Which one is your favorite please let us know in the comment section.

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