Games like GTA 5 on IOS

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Even though there is no comparison of GTA 5 with other open-world games, but still there are some great similar options available especially on IOS. If you like to play games like GTA 5 on your iPhone or any other IOS device, then this article might help you in choosing the best alternative.

Remember, there are only a few games that resemble GTA 5; we have compiled a unique list of the best games like GTA 5 on ios after doing hours-long research. You can also suggest any game for ios that you feel is similar to GTA 5 in the comments section below. We will appreciate your kind feedback.

Games like GTA 5 on IOS

Best Games Like GTA 5 For IOS 2022

These are the following best alternatives of GTA 5 that you can conveniently play on your ios device without any hassles. Download GTA 5 IOS and enjoy playing.

Max Payne

Rockstar Games is one of the leading game developers, Grand Theft Auto Series is their popular project and GTA 5 is a major part of it. However; they are not just limited to the GTA series, there is another action-packed game called Max Payne which is also developed by Rockstar Games. It involves outstanding thrill and action, the storyline and characters of this game are also very interesting, we are pretty confident that Max Payne will be the best alternative of GTA 5. It’s available in IPA format as well; you can easily download and install it on your IOS device within few minutes.

Car Jack Streets

The graphics of Car Jack Streets and GTA 5 have no comparison at all, but still, its storyline resembles GTA 5. Everything in this game is very similar to GTA 5, such as shooting people, stealing cars, and much more. Car Jack Street also involves criminal characters, drug lords, and gangsters in its gameplay just like Grand Theft Auto Series. The graphics of this game are satisfactory especially if you want to play it on your IOS devices such as the iPhone or iPad.

Gangster Series

The gangster is a popular series of action-packed games, there are a total of eight games in the gangster series and each of them is very similar to GTA 5. It’s an open-world adventure game that involves an excellent storyline, gameplay, and graphics that make it an addictive game. You can navigate through multiple cities in this game to complete the given missions; with each mission, you will earn a unique reward every time.

Order and Chaos

Order and Chaos is also a very popular action-adventure game that resembles with GTA series. The gameplay of this game involves killing, action, adventure, and money just like GTA 5. You have to explore multiple locations in the game and at every corner; you will face mythical creatures and fantastic beasts that you have to kill.

Real Gangster Crime 2

Real Gangster Crime 2 is an excellent action-adventure and open word game that is available for IOS devices. This game involves many locations in its gameplay that only exist in a fictional world such as sand beaches, tourist cities, restaurants, and much more. You have to navigate through these beautiful locations as a protagonist and complete several challenging missions that will be given to you. As a reward, you will earn money in this game after completing the missions.

This game is quite similar to GTA 5, you can drive any car or bike that you like, and you can also kill pedestrians and steal their money. If your IOS device is not compatible with the system requirements of GTA 5, then you must try this game, it will surely impress you as there isn’t much difference in both games.

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