Descargar GTA San Andreas

The first GTA game was launched in 1997 for play station 1 and ever since then, this game is only getting good remarks. From the year of launch till now there have been several versions released for the game. Descarger GTA San Andreas apk is by far the most loved version by this gameplay enthusiast.

Descargar GTA San Andreas

The common thing about every series of Grand Theft Auto is the plenty of action; stunning cars that could help criminals escape from the police station, well-organized tasks that once done could make the mafia happy. In short GTA San Andreas is an open virtual world that needed to be explored by every video game junkie out there. Checkout GTA 5 APK and enjoy it.

The storyline of Descargar GTA San Andreas apk

GTA San Andreas is the third series of the GTA saga. This is published between the other two series that is GTA Vice City and GTA Liberty City. The whole gameplay occurs in the city of San Andreas. The city is inspired by Nevada and California. The story began when Carl Johnson returns home after five years of being in Los Santos. His whole family has been broken apart and all his childhood friends have destroyed their lives. Carl’s mother is also brutally murdered.

When he returns home some cops caught him and frame him for homicide. In this gameplay, Carl is on a forced journey which takes him to every part of this city and his main motive is to save his broken family and also to take control of the streets.

Where can I find this game?

When the series arrived, one could think that it will be this much loved by the player. Till now it is the most hit series of GTA. Initially, Grand theft Auto was launched for PS2, Xbox 360, and PC. Later the game was published for other devices like PS3, PS4 and it was also available for mobile phones in form of Descarger GTA San Andreas apk both for android and iPhone. It is still loved by players who use smartphones for the gameplay.

Main Features of this game:


Here are some of the features of Descargar GTA San Andreas apk that distinguish it from the other series of the saga:

  • It is one of the earliest 3D action game which is still admired for its amazing 3D graphics in the gaming world
  • Players can easily take on the role of Carl and interact with his gangs. With the right gameplay, players can take over the streets and communicate with other virtual characters like Helena Brian, Catalina, Denise, and many more.
  • Players can move across different cities like San Fierro, Los Santos, and Las Venturas where the characters have to take part in different gang wars.
  • This is a sandbox type of game which offers never-ending scenarios to the player.
  • This version of GTA has spectacular music with different genera like hip hop, electronic, and rock music. The music of this series has a 90s vibe.
  • Players have the option to expand the game option as they can install all sorts of MODs.

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