Cybertruck VS F150 Tug of War

Cybertruck VS F150 battle, Ford says Tesla has nothing to prove. The challenge heard throughout the world of electric vehicles. Tesla’s Cybertruck VS F150, the TOW battle that we were all prepared to fight for now.  It probably won’t happen.

Cybertruck VS F150 Clip

A quick Recap: Tesla CEO Elon Musk poked the picturesque Dearborn. Michigan bear, revealed by a clip of the futuristic electric truck. In what was a head-to-head contest in the middle of the company’s cyber truck. The beta cyberspace trains the F-150 reverse and up a slight tilt when both vehicles apply power.

A bunch of people jumped into the fray on Twitter, including the astrophysicist and the writer Neil deGrasse Tyson. Whether this was a fair fight, and Elon Musk said sure.

All this back-and-forth and social media posturing are about what you need to rise above the level of the impeachment hearings. Yet Musk’s real concern was a tweet from the company incubator Sundeep Madra, the vice president of Ford X.


Thursday, at the Thursday rollout Musk, showed a video of 16 seconds, and posted the same day, Twitter Sunday evening (24 November), the Cybertruck announced 200,000 pre-order orders for a non-ship vehicle for a year, and that’s if Tesla meets production times.

Madra tweeted to Musk and requested the CEO to give an “apple-to-apple” check to Ford. “Take it on,” Musk, who’s very versed in the Twitter troll, responded.

Madra’s tweet “tongue in cheek”

It seems like Madra’s tweet was not meant to be a major challenge. But, according to Ford, it was a “tongue in cheek.”

“Sunny’s tweet was in tongue to point out Tesla’s video absurdity, nothing more,” a Ford spokesman told. “For 42 years we are focusing on serving our truck customers with America’s bestselling truck, regardless of what other people say or do. We are looking forward to next year’s new F-150 and all-electric F-150 in a couple of years.

Perhaps Ford’s going to change his mind. Yet Tesla is left to reshape the tow battle for now.

All this supposes that “taking it up” actually means Tesla’s moving forward at the appropriate time. The number of cyber trucks that operate maybe, one at this time. Ford could make the F-Series more suitable. An F-250 or F-350 will suit the weight of the cybertruck.

What may the test of Tesla be wrong?

Each Tom, Dick, and Harry online points out problems that the evaluation may be true or unreasonable. The Tesla weighs more and more 1 thousand pounds on the wheels, the more traction you have when you get started. Electric motors develop a maximum torque of 0 rpm when they produce motors in higher rpm. Tesla could have a torque of up to 1,000 pound-feet. Ford said the F-150 inverted seems a two-wheel drive, where Tesla can do a three-wheel drive system.

One of the reviewers is a trainee Neil deGrasse Tyson, a writer, indeed. A one-man reality squad chimed NGD on several occasions. What Tyson told Musk, via Twitter, included: What is difficult to tell him “You do not know what you are doing.”

Electric vehicles, both axles are renowned for being heavy. All of this involves the weight of spinning tires. This is the traction source, not the engine strength.

@Tesla’s badass looks as if it was doing something badass. Furthermore, if the @FordF-150 is RWD**with no payload**, it greatly reduces the weight of the rear Axle, which only provides a slight traction for Tesla. This rivalry is not about engine power but about physics of friction.

Mustang Mach-E from Ford, the Tesla show sucks Oxygen

In the meantime, Tesla’s circus atmosphere sucks the air from the room and even though someone else announces the good car that week, like Mustang Mach-E from Ford, the Tesla show sucks oxygen.

If there is a re-test, we would recommend a series of situation testing. To ensure that deep water is forded or that a boat and trailer is backed up by a steep start ramp. Then everybody would learn the battery compartment on the bottom of the cybertruck. That is well screened.

However, the TSLA stock has fallen from $355 up to $329 since the Cybertruck alert on the evening of November 21. That’s 9% off. That’s down. Kind of like the rear hatch cover slope in Cybertruck.


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