gta online background update

GTA Online’s New Background Update 2022

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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of the most popular games in the world. Over the years, Rockstar has launched multiple games that took the gaming world like a storm. However, their latest addition GTA 5, contains a unique touch to it.

GTA Online’s new background update was released on August 17

Rockstar launched the game on September 17, 2013, and it’s the last in the series so far. The game has two modes, and the story mode contains the class GTA 5 storyline while the other is more unique and has attracted millions of active players every day. The GTA 5 online role-play version allows the player to free-play and do anything they want.

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gta online background update

The role-play version allows you to play a particular character and develop the personality as you like. You can start as a criminal or a respectable citizen that takes up various jobs such as police, lawyer, judge, etc. The progress depends on the players and how he decides to develop their character. Overall, the game provides a unique experience that no game in the series can match. Thus, the game attracts millions of daily players that enjoy the game.

Constant updates are an essential part of the game. Thus, Rockstar ensures that their player doesn’t get bored by playing the same old game without updating features. Therefore, there are multiple updates for various purposes, such as adding new items like cars or weapons, fixing glitches and bugs, or adding a new background.

The Background update on August 17

The latest major update that GTA online has received is on August 17, 2021, from Rockstar games. Although the update mainly focuses on addressing specific issues, Rockstar has added a new car to the game.

The last major update called “Los Santos Turners” was released in July 2020, with new content related to turners and ten cars. Furthermore, there were weekly updates that gradually brought seven new cars. The three vehicles’ that Rockstar previously introduced were as follows:-

  • Pfister Comet S2
  • Vapid Dominator ASP
  • Emperor Vectre

However, the new update has come with Karin Previon as the Prize Ride vehicle. Additionally, the update also contains specific patches to the glitches that were annoying players a lot. It disables some particular phone contacts during the test track.

The Los Santos Turner update brought a major glitch called “the car duplication glitch,” which some players described as “giving cars to friends.” The players could quickly achieve this by manipulating the game’s mechanics, which allowed them to call Martin, Simeon, and Gerald from the test track.

The players could duplicate a friend’s vehicle, although they list one during the procedure after following some complex steps. This update has patched the glitch, and players won’t call these contacts while inside the test track.

Karin Previon has also been added as a Prize Ride car at the Los Santos Car meeting. Although, it isn’t quite sure whether the players would be able to purchase it from the store, with the usual price of it being around $1,490,000

Rockstar has also added three new podium vehicles’ inside the podium list, which includes:-

  • Adder for $1,000,000
  • Lectro for $997,500- $750,000
  • Outlaw for $1,268,000 – $951,000

Players can now also unlock a trade price of up to $1,117,500 through a similar procedure as with various other turners. You would have to rank up the reputation levels at the LSCM. Each five reputation level would unlock a trade price for one of the podium vehicles mentioned above.

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