Audi E Tron SUV 2020 Detailed Review

I want to write about the $74,800 Audi E-Tron. The first electric car built by Audi follows a subtly different but recognizable route to all-electric glory. There’s nothing absurd about this EV SUV and, honestly, I couldn’t care less about the Nurburgring lap time. It is one of the most comfortable and relaxing cars I have ever had the pleasure of driving, which makes it special.

Audi E Tron: Horsepower

Simple drives such as Kia Soul are powered by an electric engine. That is also the spirit of the Audi E Tron. E-Tron is fast for one large (193 inches long) platform (over 5,800 pounds) at 402 horsepower and 5.5 seconds at 0-to-60 mph.

Audi E Tron: Dynamic mode to Comfort mode

It’s not a sports car, though. Under Dynamic mode, the active air suspension of the Audi is hunkering down. And the sharper responses are evident, but it is not a weapon for corner-attacks. Move the E-Tron hard and you soon realize that you are incorrect. We recommend a more relaxed pace.

Easy suspension tuning should instead use to turn the car into Comfort mode. You can still get all the torque and throttle reactions, but get away from every light will ruin your bandwidth. Take it easy, enjoy the plush, leather seats and the cocoon-like cabin, and you’ll start to see what this car is all about.

Audi E Tron: Range

Sometimes, these days, the Audi E-Tron rating of 204 miles only passes the threshold because most drivers don’t have to think about range anxiety. It does not really matter if they can’t buy an Audi E-Tron without testing its effective range. I felt no need to charge it obsessively every night in my time with the car. Yes, the average US shuttle would only have to pay once a week.

Audi E Tron SUV 2020 Detailed Review

Impressively, even under highway use, this range is constant. Like to eliminate 30% from the range when I know I’m ahead — only to be protected-of a long high-speed stretch. The E-Tron could still handle throughout 180 miles in those stretches.

How Efficient is the Audi E Tron?

Efficiency can be due to many factors, including battery thermal management, chemical engineering and the aggravating use of the vehicle. Regeneration is one aspect the E-Tron does not rely on. Not as other EVs do at least. Lift the gas in a Nissan Leaf and, if the e-pedal mode is allowed, it will stop rapidly and take charge of momentum. The E-Tron only coasts by default.

You can ask for more regeneration by using the shift paddles, up to three taps, but the E-Tron is still happy at the coast even in its maximum configuration. There are plenty of regenerations available. But to get there, you have to move your feet to the brake pedal and press. Not an immense pain, but it’s a frustration for anyone who used to drive a single foot. The result is also a very mushy, very long brake pedal, which I still struggle to cleanly apply after over 3000 miles of testing.

What’s worse?

Whenever you use the E-Tron cruise control, your regenerative configuration is forgotten and returned to the default coast. I would go so far to call it a bug, not a feature. It’s so annoying.


If you are out of control, it is time to charge and the E-Tron will lift the juice by up to 150 kilowatts when you have an acceptable DC loader in place. Since Electrify America rapidly expanding, this is easier to accomplish. You can add approximately 50 miles to a nearly empty pack in 10 minutes under optimum conditions. It should take about a half-hour to charge 80 percent or about 160 miles.

How much will that cost?

Tariffs vary, but I brought my local EA charger with a near-empty E-Tron, hooked it to the fastest plug and allowed it to get full. My fee was a whopping $58.95. That’s around 200 km of coverage again. Again. In contrast, you will need ten gallons of gas in a 20 mph SUV, for an average cost of just over $30 using premium fuel right now. Yes, the cost is half.

The seats of Audi E Tron

The E-Tron must be quiet as an EV, and it is literally. Other than an often crackling hinge in the car armrest that I checked, the calmness of the E-Tron experience can only be disturbed less. Squeezing seats, while not as extensive as those in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or as violent as those in the BMW 7 Series, are highly valued. While the heating and the cooling feature ensure that the car’s battery pack is not the only on-board part within its optimum thermal range.

Sound System and Speakers

The 705 watt and 16 speaker B&O sound system manages everything from Bach to the Beatles with Aplomb; there are two usual scents and the inboard lights are packed with color in each color you choose – as you know the preference of the tact device.

That Interface is Audi’s Latest

MMI. The system is now spread over two touchscreens by pressing the rotary controller. The lower part is mainly the environment functions and the upper part is the most extensive on the path. With the near Google Maps integration, for other infotainment tasks including media playback, vehicle setup, and navigation. The upper part. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are only a USB cabling away if all this is not enough.

Audi E Tron SUV 2020 Detailed Review

How Comfortable is it?

Another view is behind the seat, the virtual cockpit of Audi. One of the first systems that really accept and still rates the strength of a reconfigurable cluster. If you like or need more information about your current driving habits and use you can double your navigation here. However, you can not get a certain percentage of battery load in the Virtual Cockpit, annoyingly. You will have to dig deep over the MMI’s main interface to find a few submenus.

Other Accommodations

The accommodation behind is not so posh, but it’s still spacious, with plenty of space and climate controls discreetly placed. The glass roof is a free, airy feeling to be sitting back. The six-foot frame, for headroom, was not absent.

Keeps U Safe!

The E-Tron is equipped for safety with a wide range of systems to support you and to cope with some of the more complicated aspects of driving. The active cruise system is working well enough to read traffic down the road. And will immediately revert as traffic begins to flow back within a couple of seconds. It’s very simple, but a good one and you don’t need to worry every 30 seconds to hold the alerts out due to the capacitive touch-steering wheel. This is an easy-to-use machine. However, you’ll need to live without steering heating, which is a large missing component for an EV.


The new Audi E-Tron’s base model is the $74,800 Premium Plus Quattro package with no $995 goal price. This means that the B&O sound system and all active safety systems are provided with a highly equipped car including all MMI goodies, the top view, and a 3D camera system.

An additional $4,300 is included in the Prestige Quattro, which adds adjustable seats, soft doors, an Ionizer in the cabin and a heads-up display. In former times this option was included as a $2,850 driver support package, but Audi now also offers Premium Plus for me as it is included on the E-Tron foundation.

Tax plus other Spend Overs

The tax is $595 to buy a color other than black and the cold weather kit adds another $900. That includes heated fridges and barrels, but above all a radiator with a greater capacity, which can potentially help those of you that live somewhere cold. It also involves preconditioning. This box I would be ticking.

This is not an affordable car, priced for 77,290 dollars, including destination. It offers luxury accommodations at the same price as similar premium machinery and the added benefits of a smooth, quiet, maintenance-free electric mode of living.


I know this isn’t what everyone needs in a car. Similarly, a lot of people won’t talk about an EV without much more. This, however, is a great alternative and a heck of the first EV from Audi for those who are limited in scope and want less excitement and more comfort ..


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