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One of the most exciting parts of GTA online is the weapons. However, you can’t access them all from the start. Instead, you would have to increase your rank to access the most potent weapons inside the game. Every player would have to achieve Rank 120 to get their hands on the most powerful game weapons.

5 GTA Online Weapons

Once you level up with RP (reputation points), you will access various powerful weapons and custom parts. The player can increase the RP by completing missions and killing people without letting the cops get to you.

So, in essence, you can say that a higher player rank also means a better arsenal and essential items at their disposal. Accessing potent weapons would also let you research and get control of them, and you can also upgrade them and make them even better.

If you don’t know the five best online weapons, we are here to guide you through them.

The Advanced Rifle (Rank 70)

The Advanced rifle would require you to reach Rank 70, and it’s one of the weapons that deal the highest damage shots in each round for its category. The gun is lightweight, which means your players get better mobility

You can attach a scope to the gun to improve the accuracy. You can also attach custom parts to get the best of them.  The gun is something you need to have in your arsenal in the future.

The Combat MG (Rank 80)

The Combat MG unlocks at Rank 80, and it is one of the best weapons in the game. It has light recoil tho with a reduced firing rate, but it does take some time to reload. Few custom attachments make the gun suitable for close-range combats and increase the range and damage on the gun.

The gun made its debut in Vice City stories as a heavy weapon and later an assault rifle in Ballad of Gay Tony before its launch as a machine gun in GTA online. Overall, it’s a reliable weapon that is fun to use in the game.

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Heavy Sniper (Rank 90)

Countless GTA online players adore the sniper rifles, and once you reach level 90, you can get the heavy sniper. It comes with a built-in scope that provides precision and accuracy to each shot. The Heavy sniper also features the heaviest damage output per bullet and is only second to the marksman pistol. However, it would be best to be careful with the sound as the gun is pretty loud and can easily give your position.

RPG (Rank 100)

The RPG is one of the most feared weapons in every game, and the situation isn’t different in GTA Online. The players are often seen abusing the weapon and filling the cities with explosions. The players that end up in being the explosion radius will die immediately. Although armored vehicles can withstand a lot of hits without being destroyed

The Rank 100 is a massive milestone for the players, too, as when they hit the triple-figure, they get access to one of the most dangerous weapons in the game

Minigun (Rank 120)

The Minigun is the highest-ranked weapon in GTA Online, and it’s a powerful machine gun. The gun has a very high firing rate, and it also deals heavy damage while the conversion rate is in seconds only.

To survive against the powerful machine gun, the players would require an armored vehicle; otherwise, they will end up getting killed. Although, you should remember that the weapon isn’t the best choice for close-range combats, and it’s ideal for shooting at vehicles.

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